People Are Using Socks To Apply Foundation Now

Socks are the new Beautyblender, or at least that’s one beauty vlogger’s new approach to applying foundation.

While most of us prefer brushes, Mayra of the YouTube channel MayraTouchOfGlam utilizes a sock as her applicator of choice. “This may be the next Beautyblender,” she says in her latest video. “The other day, I was going through my socks and I noticed the ankle part is really soft.”

So, Mayra took a trip to Walmart, where she bought a three-pack of ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds Low-Cut Socks ($6). Then, and because she’s awesome, Mayra applied her foundation with the “really soft” part of her brand new sock.

Much to my surprise, Mayra’s completed beauty look appears completely flawless, with no smudges and zero streaks. Who says socks can’t be an alternative to a foundation sponge? Not Mayra!

In the video, Mayra assures the sock won’t suck up all the foundation. And despite how wacky this beauty hack may be, Mayra’s finished results make attempting this technique seem way less scary. Just don’t forget to wash your foundation sock before and after you use it 😉

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