Party Pupils Covers Ginuwine’s Pony With a Ridic Animated Video

If you remember club music in the late 90’s you’ll be familiar with the classic by Ginuwine from 1996 — which played for years and years (and years) after its chart topping days, so much so, that you can even hear the original in clubs and bars even today. Yes, I’m talking about the classic, “Pony.” Which even if you don’t know it by name, you’ll recognize it by its unforgettable lyrics like, “Jump on it, let’s do it, ride it,” and the ever-subtle “my saddle’s waiting, jump on it.”

To add more hilarity to this already super charming song, Party Pupils has not only crossed the line, but jumped over it and spat on it with their new video for their cover of the tune. If you ever needed a visual for the song, this vid got it perfect: animated men unzipping their pants to reveal singing ponies… basically what you probably imagine when you hear the song anyways. So like, win.

New Future Funk group Party Pupils got their start remaking songs like “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast by bringing their own future funk spin to it. Having just opening for Diplo in Chicago, the band says they want to “immerse people in [the] crazy world we’ve started to create at shows.”

“Our goal is for everyone to leave a Party Pupils show feeling amazing, having danced the night away in an insane colorful future funk environment,” they say.

The video embodies Party Pupils effort to keep things colorful, psychedelic and rainbow.

“We enlisted the help our friends Dan Streit, who did the amazing animation,” they say, “and Alexander Ferzan who directed and came up with the wonderful idea of the ponies emerging from our zippers.”

And just wait, since the band says they have one more classic to be released with 3LAU, which if it’s anything like this vid, we seriously can’t wait!

Check out the video here, and laugh out loud quite literally.

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