‘pale flame’ Is the New Release by Bella Stine That Reaffirms Her Subtle Style and Seal of Quality

Bella Stine‘s “pale flame” is a mesmerizing musical journey that manages to strike a delicate balance between vulnerability and strength.

The song delves into those poignant moments, lingering on the verge of a conclusion, yet not quite reaching it. About the song, Bella states: “I was going through a quiet battle of knowing how everything was going to be but still processing it fully. While recording, we actually blew out a lit candle to capture that sound. I love how stripped down the song is and absolutely I loved recording live strings for the cinematic/orchestral ending”.


With hauntingly beautiful lyrics and a soul-stirring melody, the song leaves a lasting impact on listeners, evoking an enormous number of emotions throughout its duration.

The arrangement creates an ambiance that immediately draws the listener into the heart of the song, while Bella Stine’s voice enters like a soothing whisper, fragile yet powerful, making a poignant connection with the audience right from the start.


Her ability to convey raw emotion is commendable, allowing her voice to wobble and crack in moments of vulnerability, making the song feel even more authentic. We’ve already seen that in her debut single ‘Wasted Potential’ in which her voice also takes command of the song and it’s palpable how everything develops around it.

“pale flame” finds its strength in its simplicity. The stripped-down arrangement allows the listener to focus on the emotive aspects of the song without distractions.

In conjunction with the release of this track, Bella has unveiled a visually-evocative music video that begins with the ignition of a flame that remains active but threatens to disappear throughout the video, which also shows images and memories of the past with a rather retro aesthetic. As the song develops, it seems that the artist is gaining confidence and losing her fear of what might happen, until finally, she is the one who puts out the flame and surrenders to the darkness that this causes.

Taking inspiration from formidable female artists like Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers, Bella Stine, this talented 16-year-old singer-songwriter, has dedicated the past few years to skillfully crafting her teenage journey into her debut EP. Music serves as her refuge, and she fearlessly composes her songs based on personal experiences, often drawn from a place of vulnerability. Bella’s musical essence resonates with the timeless allure of Mazzy Star while seamlessly embracing an eclectic and contemporary sound.

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