Replace Sugary Protein Bars With These Healthier Options

Eating healthy is hard. It’s especially difficult if you’re constantly on the go. Chances are, you either end up buying some junk from a bodega, or you go hungry all day and then overeat at your next meal once you’re home.

And even if you’re on top of things and pack snacks, it’s easy to pack a “healthy” snack that’s not actually healthy. Tons of protein bars are loaded with junk, and lots of low-calorie snacks are full of artificial ingredients or sugar masked under another name.

So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up some of our fave healthy snacks that you can munch (or sip) on the go.

1. Evolve Protein Shakes


Evolve Protein Shakes, $41 for 12 bottles

Protein shakes can be just as bad as sugar-heavy protein bars, and it can also be hard to feel full without actually chewing anything, but these Evolve shakes changed my previous assumptions about protein shakes.

First off, the shakes are healthy af. They’re made with pea protein, they’re free of dairy, soy, and gluten; and they only have 160 calories a bottle. But the best part? They keep you full af. Like, you could have this for lunch and be chilling until dinner.

I’ll admit, the drinks are slightly watery, and they’re definitely better cold, but the mocha ones are pretty great.


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2. Ample


Ample Meal In a Bottle, $5-7 per bottle

Think of Ample like a protein shake on the go, minus the water. Sounds weird at first, but it’s actually lit because it’s not heavy, doesn’t have to be kept cold, and can even be brought through security at the airport.

It’s also full of good for you shit and void of bad for you shit, plus probiotics! They offer 400 and 600 calorie bottles, so you can have it as a big snack or as a meal replacement for a light meal.

3. Sakara Life Products


The Granola Collection, $48

You may know Sakara Life as the vegan meal service that Victoria’s Secret models swear by, but even if you’re not trying to pay for a meal delivery service, you can grab their snacks.

Their granola is lit and full of healthy ingredients that will keep you full, although you should probably watch your portion sizes since granola is high in calories and fat. They also make bars, which are a perfect on the go snack.


4. Actual Fruit or Veggies

I know, I know, who has time to buy fruits and veggies and actually eat them all before they go bad? Well, maybe you do. If you stick to options that don’t go bad quickly, such as apples, oranges, celery, and peppers, you can make it work.

Another good idea is to pre-cut your veggies (and fruits), so that even when you’re lazy as fuck it’ll be easy to reach for them and eat them.

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5. Portioned Out Nuts


Blue Diamond Almonds Natural Grab & Go Bags, $19

Nuts get a bad rep — or too good of a rep — depending on who you talk to. The real secret lies in portion size. Almonds or walnuts can be a great healthy snack, the only problem is you’re probably eating too many of them for it to be considered healthy.

If you don’t feel like measuring out each of your snacks with measuring cups, just buy pre-portioned packs, like these Blue Diamond Almond 100 calorie packs. They’re super easy to throw in all your purses for those times where you really need a boost.


6. These Plant-Based & Vegan Protein Shakes


Protein Smoothie 6 Pack, $20

Doing a juice cleanse is not for the faint of heart, and also not for someone who doesn’t want to gain all the weight back as soon as the cleanse is over.

But, we can’t deny that juices are great for a snack (or more like a meal) on-the-go when you’re trying to be healthy. Unfortunately, some juices don’t really fill you up, especially if you’re the type of person who needs to chew shit to feel full.

Well, my hungry-ass tested these Raw Generation Protein Cleanse shakes, and they do the job. They definitely filled me up, the only downside is that they’re supposed to be kept cold, so they might not be the best thing to keep in your bag at all times for a rainy day.

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7. Larabars


LARABAR 16-Flavor Variety (Pack of 16), $20

There are slowly becoming more and more options for bars that have short ingredient lists, but Lara Bars were the OG. Nearly all of the bars have six ingredients or fewer, and all ingredients are things you can actually recognize. The bars aren’t super filling (in my hungry opinion), but they’re great for holding you over between meals.


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