Now You Can Save Your Snapchats to Post Again Later

Snapchat as we once knew it is no longer.

The latest update has rolled out, and it includes a new feature that will allow users to save their Snaps into a photo album titled “Memories,” The Verge reports. But how is it different from how Snapchat was before?

With “Memories,” you’ll be able to save photos, videos, and even full stories to the album, and access them whenever you please. You can create new “stories” from your saved photos, edit any of the photos or videos you’ve already saved, and add geotags to them as well. Additionally, there’s a search feature that will help you organize your Snaps, and a section called “My Eyes Only,” in order to help you avoid accidentally exposing any explicit content to people who might be looking at your phone.

But isn’t that what Snapchat is all about? Maybe not.

“The app’s reported 150 million daily users increasingly use it to film major milestones in their lives,” The Verge writes. “They’re capturing graduations, family vacations, engagements, and weddings.”

So now, between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, there won’t be any moments in your fabulous life left undocumented. There’s even a trailer for the new update. Watch it before you download, below.

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