Noa Kirel, the Israeli artist we can’t get enough of

Noa Kirel is an Israeli singer, actress, and television host. As a showstopping vocalist, clever lyricist, dynamic dancer, and scene-stealing actress, Noa Kirel presents a different kind of story for popular music and culture. She has emerged as an influential and inspirational force. She has won the MTV Europe Music Awards for best Israeli act. She’s picked up four MTV EMAs, serving as a judge on Israel’s Got Talent, landing looks from Billboard, Washington Post, and Deadline, and generating hundreds of millions of views and streams, among other accolades.

“Dancing, singing, writing, acting, and performing come from the same creative place for me, because they’re all a part of the story I want to tell,” she explains. “When I write a song, I see the visuals in my brain, the dance, the colors, and the performance. It’s one unit.”

Now at just 20-years-old, she is going global, expanding her vision yet again with her English-language debut on Atlantic Records. Here at Galore we had the pleasure to interview Noa, we hope you love her just as much as we do!


1. What is your song writing process like? 

Usually when writing/ working on a song I see the music video in my head and then I know the story, 

2. What made you decide to choose “Please Don’t Suck” as your debut English-language single?

I felt like Please Don’t Suck was a fun introduction song for me to the world. 

It’s female empowering, fun, full of humor and rhythm. I also loved the Sandman sample and I’m happy to give a fresh interpretation to this classic. 

3.  Your latest single “Bad Little Thing” promotes self-empowerment and independence. Is there a role model in your life who helped encourage you to embody this message and chase your dreams?

Definitely my mom, she is the strongest woman I know. Beyonce is an artist role model- she is a powerhouse of one woman, she is having an incredible career but she is also a wife, a mom and a business woman. Such a badass!!! In general – women inspire me everyday, I feel very blessed as a young woman to be able to chase my dreams with the support of my family, team and friends. 

I’m not taking it for granted, and if I can inspire other girls to do the same- it’s a huge win. 

4. The official music videos for your first-ever English-language singles “Please Don’t Suck” and “Bad Little Thing” have officially surpassed 38 million views on YouTube. Did creating songs in a different language impact the vision behind and process of making each of these videos?

The only difference is the language, the process is the same. 

I will tell you that it was a bit more exciting to shoot these songs because they mark the start of something new.

5. If you could suggest only one of your Hebrew songs for a new fan of yours to listen to first, what would it be and why?

Mmmm… it’s like choosing one of your kids lol 

I think that ‘Million Dollar’ is a song that even if you don’t understand the language you get the vibe instantly.

6. What is the biggest culture shock you experience when visiting Los Angeles from Israel?

 I think that in Israel everything is much faster, people walk fast, talk fast, and here in LA it’s a lot more chill. 

7.  Are you planning on relocating to the US? If so, can you tell us what you’re most excited about? And what you might be the most nervous about?

It will happen at some point, I want to grow globally and I need to spend the majority of my time in the US. I’m excited to experience life in a different country. 

Israel is my HOME and it will always be my home , but I’m ready to build another place to call home. Time will tell. 

8.  What musical goals do you hope to accomplish by taking your career global?

Right now my goal is to headline a few festivals.. Nothing too crazy lol 

Also- release more music, create interesting collaborations and to be better every day at what i do. 

9. What has been your least favorite part about being in the public eye? Your most favorite?

I chose this profession and it’s part of the job to be in the public eye even when you don’t feel like it, so I accept the pluses and minuses. 

The only thing I can say I don’t like is when someone is taking a selfie with me while i’m chewing my food. A girl needs to eat

10. Miss Universe is holding their 70th annual competition in Israel this year and you’re going to perform. Are you planning anything special? What makes you most excited to perform on such a global stage?

I can’t even explain how excited I am to perform on this huge stage. Almost 200 countries around the world will see this LIVE. I’m planning many surprises for this performance. 

11. Earlier this year, Picturestart announced they’re developing a movie that you’re starring in. Since it’s still under wraps, can you describe the movie for us in three words?

A global action musical . (4 words, sorry)

12. What was one of your biggest childhood dreams outside of music?

To dance and act. 

13. What are some pro-tips you have for any young emerging musicians?

To believe in yourself, to perform everywhere possible, to write music constantly and to wake up every morning asking yourself “What can I do to grow my career today?” commitment is the key. 

14.  Who are your dream collaborations?

JLo, Bieber, Beyonce, The Weekend, Bruno Mars and more… 

15.  Favorite Israeli food? Favorite American food?

My favorite food, hands down, is not Israeli or American, it’s actually Japanese – SUSHI!!!!

I can enjoy Burger and French Fries in America and a great Pita bread with Sabich in Israel. 

To connect with Noa, follow her on Instagram


Photography: Jasper Egan

Creative Director/Styling: Shalev Lavan – @shalevlavan

Hair: Ricky Mota – @rickymotahair

Make Up: Francine Tomalonis – @francieluxe

Graphic Designer: SEBASTIÁN CHICCHÓN @jager.noon

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