Nikki Gal Is Ready to Shatter Stereotypes and Expectations

Meet Nikki Gal – a well-known figure in the modeling industry who has delved into the world of advocacy and entrepreneurship. Using her strong spirit and perseverance Nikki has built several business endeavors showing everyone she’s not only a pretty face.

Even at an early stage in her life, Nikki knew her true passion lay within the fashion industry. Thanks to her obsession with fashion magazines when she was a teen she became a model. She was a natural, posing for the camera with almost no effort. Her modeling journey started in 2014, when she made it to the covers of important fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Grazia, and Marie Claire, along with appearing in numerous international fashion editorials. Thanks to this plus her talent, vision, and creativity, Nikki was able to start her own brand including digital design, content consulting, photography, and her fashion line as well as a philanthropic women-focused non-profit organization. It is clear that she’s not only a model but a whole “model-preneur.”

It’s thanks to her creativity and artistic vision that her switch from modeling to businesswoman could have been predicted. “I pivoted into entrepreneurship with my digital design company back in 2019 at 20 years old, I took a risk and never looked back”, she explains. Her digital design company “See Thru Nikki” has already been acknowledged by many prominent figures such as Kelly Rowland, DreamDoll, Kylie Jenner, Tyra Banks, Zoë Kravitz, and many more. With over 10 million online impressions, the company just keeps getting bigger by the day. 

“Art is cool, but art is cooler with purpose and meaning that can change and bring awareness to our society”, Nikki states. 

As I mentioned before, she is a model-preneur, using her work as an example for others within the fashion industry. Models are not only pretty people to be caged into one role, they can be anything they want. Nikki is the living proof of this.

I wish for women to feel limitless, not limited. Fashion models have the tendency to confine themselves to only fashion— I wish to set an example for other models so that they acknowledge that they can be more than a canvas for another artist, as they are the artist, too” she says. 

While Nikki’s efforts can’t be understated she is more than grateful to all the people she has been able to collaborate with over the years to bring her vision to life. Using the power of her brand alongside influential people and brands from the fashion scene she has been able to create symbiotic relationships where everyone can benefit.

It’s important to mention that her work is not limited to her brand. Nikki is dead set on leaving a positive mark on this world. Using her influence, she puts the spotlight on very important and delicate issues, such as women’s mental health. Using “Raw Talk with Nikki Gal”, her support platform, she has managed to rally women from all over the world to stand together against oppression. Truly her work is nothing to scoff at and should encourage more people to pursue the noble goal of helping others.

Women deserve to be heard and seen on a level of unity and authenticity,” she says.

Transcending stereotypes, Nikki is certainly one of the most inspiring individuals of this decade. Not afraid to pursue her dreams, what she has achieved is nothing short of impressive. The unique fusion of fashion, beauty, and business has resulted in a venture like no other. I hope others can see Nikki’s work and start doing the same because the world needs more people like her! 

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