In the ever-evolving landscape of global music, fast-rising Nigerian artist, producer, and songwriter KEMUEL has carved out a niche that transcends conventional genres, blending the rhythms of R&B, pop, and afrobeats into his own rich tapestry of sound. With the release of his highly anticipated sophomore EP, CLOUDS, Kemuel invites listeners on a journey through the ebbs and flows of love, heartbreak, and healing. This seven-track masterpiece is a testament to Kemuel’s rapid evolution ever since he burst onto the scene with ‘Champagne Girl’ and his acclaimed debut EP Escape. Each track on CLOUDS is a canvas, meticulously painted with layers of sound and emotion, inviting listeners to dive deep into their introspection, and experience a symbiotic connection through Kemuel’s artistic vision.

Sonically, the self-produced CLOUDS EP is birthed from Kemuel’s fascination with the art of psychedelics, and his penchant for telling stories and painting pictures without words. This ambition has culminated in a glorious listening experience that oscillates between melancholic melodies of heartbreak and despair, and vibrant anthems of love, motivation, and expression. Inspired by everything he has learned and the transformative experiences he has embraced since he moved from his hometown in Port Harcourt to the afrobeats capital of the world, Lagos, to pursue his dreams of becoming a musician, CLOUDS is a window into Kemuel’s soul, offering a track for every mood and moment, whether it’s the uplifting energy of ‘POLO’, the contemplative vibes of ‘Focus’, or the introspective calm of ‘GLNT’.

CLOUDS unfolds across seven tracks, each a vivid exploration of human emotion, from the throes of loneliness to the peaks of motivation. Opening track ‘Alone’ sets a tone of introspective solitude, merging the warmth of summer nights with a blend of dancehall, pop, R&B, and soul, capturing the nuanced feeling of wanting to be alone, but not without that special someone. As we journey further, ‘234’ weaves a narrative of longing and unrequited love through the rain, utilizing Nigeria’s country code as a symbol of an unreachable connection, blending electronic beats with afrobeats elements to encapsulate the feeling of yearning for a distant lover. The EP takes a spirited turn with ‘POLO’, a track that vibrates with energy and nostalgia, accompanied by the upbeat and infectious rhythms of amapiano and marimba.

GLNT’ (Good Life No Trouble) sees Kemuel offering an introspective look into battling internal demons and finding hope, a testament to the power of music as a healing force. ‘FIND’ delves into the heartache of lost love, and sees the Port Harcourt native turning sorrow into beautiful melodies, while ‘Water’ portrays the depth of genuine connections, contrasting fleeting encounters with the desire for something more profound. Closing the EP, Kemuel uses ‘Focus’ to serve as a motivational reminder to persevere through distractions and hardships, echoing the universal journey towards achieving one’s dreams. Together, these tracks showcase Kemuel’s artistic versatility and resonant depth as a songwriter, making CLOUDS not just a collection of songs, but a multifaceted emotional experience from start to finish.

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