The Next iPhone Might Be a Flip Phone

It’s official: Apple is definitely fucking with us.

First they get us hooked on a constantly breaking product that forces us to spend hundreds of dollars every year or two. Then they take away the headphone jack. And now, they’re possibly going back to a fucking flip phone because they know we’ll buy that shit no matter what.

Apple’s patented photos leaked via the US Patent and Trademark Office, and below are the results that are freaking everyone out the most. Lo and behold, it’s kind of like that OG T-Mobile sidekick. You know, the one that got stolen out of your locker while you were sitting in Geometry class.

We get the idea behind it, it’s like a mini laptop, I guess. But like…we have laptops and iPads for that. Phones are meant for texting and Snapchatting and Instagramming. I would say calling, but like, who does that anymore?

The only good thing about a flip phone is the satisfying snap of your phone when hanging up on someone, which you won’t get because you’ll never be talking on the actual phone.

Honestly, can Apple stop convincing us that we need shit that we don’t? First you tell us we need a smaller phone, now suddenly we’re all moving towards big phones, and now a fucking flip phone?

The only question I have for Apple is this: since we’re going back to flip phones, does that mean we can bedazzle them?

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