A New Generation Is Wearing Black Pride On Its Sleeve Thanks to These Pin Makers

Ever found a pair a shoes and got so obsessed with them that you wanted them in every color? Well, gather yourself because I discovered the next thing that will have you feeling the same way.

Say hello to the one-of-kind pins that will get you ready to give up your bank account (or what’s left of it if you live in New York). These aren’t just regular degular shmegular (Cardi B voice) pins, but pins by black creators.

Back in the ’70s, through pins and patches the young generation of the time were able to present their political views and their stance on life without speaking a word. Now, today’s generation will be able to do that as well. We got everything to satisfy your political needs to your quirky ones. Before you know it, one pin will soon turn into 20.

1. Coloring Pins

The brand gave the iconic character Daria a twist with their creation of “Zaria.” There’s no need to give attitude when you have these pins to do it for you. Coloring Pins definitely gave us a version of Daria that we can personally resonate with.


2. Adorned by Chi

This is one is simply for the quirky black girls out there.


3. Dorcas Creates

Display your high power through these exquisite pins.


4. Radical Dreams

Make a political statement without saying a word with Radical Dreams pins or show your love and devotion for “A Different World’s” Dwayne Wayne and Whitley.


5. So Laci Like

Self explanatory, right? If not, you’ll know when you get your hand slapped coming near a black girl’s hair.

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6. Brothas n Sistas

Represent your dope realness through this bald head beauty and VooDoo Priestess.


7. BLK + MKT

Didn’t you know, Black Girls Rock!

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8. Effie’s Paper

After your morning coffee, never forget to slay girl slay!

Obsessed now? Before you know it, you’ll end up just like this:

For a more extensive list of rad pin makers, click here.

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