There’s a New Crush Calculator in Town and We’re Obsessed

Remember how when you were a kid you used to be obsessed with typing your crush’s name into an online love calculator to see if you two had what it took to go all the way?

Well, there’s a new crush calculator in town and it doesn’t just tell you how compatible you two are, it even gives you the hashtag you two can use at your wedding.

In fact, that’s how it judges whether or not you’re compatible.

By how many possible hashtags your unique combination of first and last names generates.

Isn’t modern romance just the dreamiest?

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I’m not very proud of this, but so far I’ve spent about 15 minutes I should have spent working playing with this Wedding Hashtag Test.

On the plus side, I’ve learned I have an 85% chance of making things work with both Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, although I’m a little concerned because the hashtag generator says I’m supposed to use the same hashtag for both weddings.

Granted #mariaandluigi is pretty clever, it just doesn’t seem all that personal.

And you don’t have to just use the wedding hashtag generator on yourself!

You can use it on current celebrity couples (Selena and The Weeknd’s is #Aidandabel), old celebrity couples (Harry and Taylor’s is #sticksandstyles), or freak out your friends by weighing in on their compatibility with whoever they’re currently banging.

Really, everybody wins.

Besides Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, one of whom will be getting the other’s sloppy seconds when it comes to our nuptials.

Sorry about it, lads.

Play with the Wedding Hashtag Generator yourself by clicking right here

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