Naomi Campbell Shaded Rihanna But Claims There’s ‘No Beef’ Between Them

It sounds counterintuitive, but on Tuesday night, Naomi Campbell unambiguously shaded Rihanna on television and then turned around and said there was “no beef” between them.


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On What What Happens Live on Tuesday night, a viewer tweeted in to say she noticed Rihanna and Naomi Campbell didn’t follow each other on Instagram anymore and wanted to know wtf was up.

Having a nose for drama, Andy Cohen asked Naomi if everything was OK between them.

Without skipping a beat, Naomi looked him in the eye and in her best lifeless monotone assured him, “Everything’s fine.”

Unconvinced he responded, “…okay,” and then the audience started to laugh, most likely because they, like Andy Cohen, thought Naomi was obviously lying.

And as soon as the audience started laughing, Naomi instantly came alive.

With a tinkle in her eye, Naomi purred, “Of course it’s fine,” and then gave Andy a little wink before letting out a little laugh herself.

After a pause, so as to maximize the effect of what she was going to say next, Naomi said, “I’m an actress now, Andy,” thereby acknowledging that she had been lying beforehand and had just been pretending to be nice.


Then things got a little tricky when Andy did what any normal human being would have done and tried to wrack his brain for what could have possibly gone wrong between them.

But that wasn’t the narrative Naomi wanted to put out there.

“I don’t have beef,” she firmly told him. “I don’t have beef, especially with black women I think are powerful and out there. We’re all in the same thing, doing the same struggle.”

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Clearly, playing at having a feud with an it-girl of the moment so the legendary diva could throw some shade wasn’t off limits, but actually pitting the two women against each other was.

So why don’t they follow each other on Instagram anymore?

Especially when just this summer Rihanna revealed they had the kind of friendship where Naomi would randomly send Riri “vitamins and facial products.”

And if it’s not beef between them, what is it?

[H/T Jezebel]

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