‘Moviendo’: New single from JACE Carrillo that will transport you the most romantic beach scene ever

A sexy and wet Caribbean rhythm is what’ll linger around you after you jam to the most recent release from Canadian-Venezuelan JACE Carrillo. ‘Moviendo’ is the quintessential Latin lover’s love song, too elegant to be Risqué and too flirty to be innocent and demure, JACE mixes passion and true feeling into one smooth, catchy summer banger.

Listen to ‘Moviendo’ HERE

On this track, JACE took pains to capture the strong rhythmic emotions of a beach romance, through calm notes that transmit happiness, relaxation, and good vibes. The same sensation that the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea give you as its waves gently lap at your skin. It is precisely in this environment that the chemistry between two lovers develops, melting and combining as perfectly as salt and water. The video shows JACE submerged in the water, while he sings and with an epic sunset in the background. The romantic atmosphere was influenced by AfroPop, following the references of other tropical artists such as Ric Hassani, Year, and Omah Lay, who were the architects of this beach atmosphere.

On this occasion, JACE collaborated with Panamanian artist Alyko, whom he met at JACE’s home studio in Montreal. Mixer Jacob Lacroix also joined the team to take the piece to another musical level, with a masterful finale by Felipe Tichauer, 12-time Latin Grammy winner.

This song will be the fifth release in a series of songs compiled on the PHENOMENA album, a kind of chronicle based on JACE’s personal experiences with love, dating, romance, breakups, and accepting different orientations and choices of others as seen through the eyes of a journey across different planets.

JACE was born in the coastal city of Valencia in Venezuela and from an early age he fell in love with music so he joined a gospel choir during his teens. Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Khalid, and Reik are his main musical references.

In 2015, he immigrated to Canada to pursue his dream and there he quickly learned English, French, and music production. In 2017, he auditioned for The Voice Canada, where he outperformed more than 4,000 singers. Since then, he has performed at numerous events and festivals in Montreal.

His first album was released in March 2021, under the name ‘JACE’, and featured special collaborations with DJ Oscar Olivo, Odreii, and What if Elephants.

His next acoustic concert will be this May 25 in Montreal, in a performance that will give fans a preview of other songs from the album and previously released tracks from JACE’s extensive catalog.

Photo Credit: Phillipe Thibault

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