Monica the Medium on Abortion And the Afterlife

Monica Ten-Kate, also known as the star of TV’s “Monica the Medium,” was midway through her Galore office visit earlier this month when she picked up on an unexpected spirit.

“I’m picking up some baby energy in here,” she said. As everyone in the office gasped, she continued: “When they come through, I see them being held in a blue or pink blanket depending on the gender. But they’re not like, ‘goo goo, ga ga.’ Their souls mature and develop on the other side just as much as anyone else.”

Monica was in the middle of a press tour for “Monica the Medium” and Galore was her final stop before boarding a plane to LA. We got to talk to her about the specifics of being a medium — a person who picks up on messages from spirits in the afterlife — and a TV star.

Normally when you picture a medium, you might think of someone closer to Professor Trelawney, in flowing robes with mousey hair, than Katy Perry. But Monica Ten-Kate looks like a girl you grew up with who went to state school, got a random marketing job, found a husband early, and loves posting inspirational quotes on Instagram. She doesn’t give off any of that wacky woo-woo energy you find from people in spiritual professions. In fact, Monica would look more at home in the mall than a crystal shop.

So who could this cooing baby soul floating around our office belong to? According to Monica, she could have been picking up anything from a baby that died at birth to a miscarried pregnancy to an aborted fetus.

Because according to Monica, aborted fetuses do have souls. This made my “psycho religious freak” alarm bells go off. I assumed this meant she was staunchly anti-abortion. But then she told me this doesn’t make her anti-abortion. Instead, she’s been able to comfort women who’ve had abortions or miscarriages by putting them in touch with the afterlife and reassuring them that their babies aren’t mad about being aborted.

“It can help them if they’re feeling guilty,” Monica said, because the spirits that come through are never angry about the abortion — they always understand completely and are happier in the afterlife.

Hmm, okay. Naturally, I asked her the question that would be on anyone’s mind: what about Plan B babies?

“No,” Monica said. “Plan B doesn’t end a pregnancy. It works before the sperm and egg meet, so there are no Plan B babies.”

Refreshingly gynecologist-approved! I guess it’s cool that someone who’s in touch with the afterlife is echoing what a lot of pro-choice people would say. It could all be B.S., but if women feel better from having Monica read their fetuses’ souls, what’s so bad about that?

As we continued our conversation, I learned Monica grew up Catholic just like me. When you’re Catholic, you’re not supposed to believe in the occult. That means no tarot cards, no horoscopes, and certainly no mediums.

The one thing she’s learned is true from her work as a medium is that there are angels and an afterlife. But what’s the biggest falsehood the Catholic church teaches, according to Monica?

“That if you have an abortion you’re going to hell because it’s a mortal sin,” she said. “I can say the opposite in the sense that any time where I’ve given a reading where a soul comes thru that was connected to an abortion, they always communicate that yes, the soul is there, from the moment of conception, but they always come through saying it’s okay, this was part of my mom”s life plan and her soul contract. I don’t hold this against her. I forgive her. She’s not a bad person. This is just the way things had to be.”

All in all, it was a pretty crazy interview and not what I expected at all. And yes, before she had to hop on her plane, Monica picked up on some messages from my grandfather that left me and the rest of the office shaking.

After talking to Monica, I’m definitely a believer in the afterlife and the power of mediums. But what has Monica’s favorite lesson been since she started picking up on messages from the dead as a teen?

“I’m not afraid of death anymore,” she said. “Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt. We don’t just die and lay in a casket of nothingness. Our souls do go on. It’s no question and I’m no longer afraid.”

Graphic by Mi Gerer

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