Sexy Model Hailey Clauson is the Ultimate Bikini Babe (Cover Story)

Making her name in the modeling scene, in a big way, Love and Lemons’ sexy model Hailey Clauson covers our summer issue flawlessly. Check out what she had to say about this coming season, her career and tips on how to stay healthy,

Photography by Jacob Dekat
Creative direction by Prince Chenoa

Interview by Max McCormack


You’ve been the face of Dsquared2 & Gucci, among others, was there a moment you realized you made it?
Hmmm the moment I felt I made it is when I got to meet and work with all these amazing designers and photographers that I had looked up to for so long. I’m still getting to where I want to me in my career, I’m still young and have many goals I want to reach!


We heard you were discovered at an open casting call in California. How hard is it to stand out in an environment like that?
For me in that situation it wasn’t very hard for me not to stand out. I was already 5’11 and 13. But I think I won them away with my happiness and drive to be a model.

How do you relax after fashion week or vigorous shoots?
I don’t do fashion week anymore. I used to go home to California for a few week and hide out. But now after shooting I usually enjoy just resting at home or treating myself to massage.


What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve done on a summer getaway?
Hmmm…that should stay a secret 😉 hehe

What are three things you always pack for a summer trip?
Bikini, Polaroid camera, sunscreen!


Any vacation plans yet for this summer?
No plans yet. I want to go visit friends in London. And possibly go to Copenhagen. It’s amazing! But I always go to a music festival called outside lands In San Francisco every august.

How do you keep a sexy summer glow in the humid New York heat?
Oh man…it’s not easy looking sexy in the New York summers. I always carry around Evian water spray and that keeps me fresh.


I don’t know about you, but when we’re on vacation we tend to be as glutinous as possible. What are some tips to keeping that sexy body on vacation?
Just don’t over indulge, still treat your self in moderation. Pack all your vitamins and try to stay active. And usually being happy will keep you looking sexy;).


Everyone thinks modeling is just being skinny and walking up and down a runway. We know that’s not the case. What’s the worst preconception about modeling?
Everyone thinks modeling is the easiest job in the world and thet we just sit in front of a camera for an hour and get payed a million bucks. But it’s an everyday job even if your not shooting because you have to keep fit and be healthy. We travel long hours. We are alone a lot. But I’m not complaining. I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to model. I’ve been able to experience so many amazing things at my age.



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