A Mobile App That Monetizes Your Following in a Non-Pervy Way + 5 More Things I’m Obsessing Over This Month

Well, we’ve been through six months and multiple seasons, and life is still wonky. When it comes to purchases, I think most of us are still thinking “sweatpants and leggings” when we think of our Fall wardrobe. Although, more and more people seem to be returning to their offices, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been frequenting outdoor dining spots more often these last few months. 

Regardless of how you’ve been adjusting to this new normal, things are definitely still not normal, and times are definitely still tough. Here are some of the things that have been making me happy in September. 

1. This leggings set that is the perf transition from summer to fall 

Altitude Cherry Pop Top $130, and Leggings $198

Ah, remember when fall meant fashion week, new OTK boots, and perfectly distressed denim jackets? Now we’re like, “ah, let me transition from my summer leggings to my fall leggings.” But, hey, leggings are probably more comfortable. And, think of all the money you’re saving on fast fashion! This set by Ultracor takes the fruity summer vibes but puts them on a sleek black leggings set that zips you up in all the right places (seriously, this fabric is amazing). They also offer size XXS too for those who like it super tight (a.k.a, me). 

2. A vegan self-tanner that’ll make you forget you didn’t have the summer you hoped for

Blue Saint Instant Body Self Tanning Foam, $39

I didn’t get to any tropical beaches this summer, but I did do serious field research on multiple self tanners. My new favorite is Blue Saint, not only because it was developed by a 20-year old female entrepreneur, but also because it’s plant-based and gives you a really deep and natural looking tan. It goes on with a blue undertone so that you never end up looking orange, and although the smell is a bit interesting for my palate, the results are worth it. I use the foaming tanner for my body and the drops for my face.

3. These Marc Jacobs x Dr. Martens boots that will make you find excuses to leave the house

Dr. Martens 1460 Marc Jacobs boot, $210

As soon as I saw these boots, I needed to get my hands on them. Unfortunately, so did everyone else, because they’re now sold out and only available through resellers. Aesthetically, these boots are everything. The oxblood color screams “fall fashion,” and the hardware is reminiscent of an edgy charm bracelet. The only downside is the charms are LOUD. Do not wear this if you’re not trying to make everyone turn and stare at you when you walk into the room. This boot is Dr. Martens first ever vegan collaboration. It features a completely vegan upper and a vegan heel loop. I can’t wait to break these bad boys in and stomp around LA all fall (extremely noisily).

4. An on-demand workout that will kick your ass as if you went to the gym 


The Barboza Method

Pre-Covid, The Barboza Method was my favorite workout. I discovered it on Classpass, randomly attended a class, and left with lower abs that were sore for the entire week. If I’m going to a class, I want it to kick my ass, so this quickly became one of my go-to workouts. It’s difficult to explain because it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before, but it’s sort of like a mix between Pilates and bootcamp with ballet elements mixed in. The Barboza Method recently launched an online platform that includes their signature classes, stretching classes, and new abbreviated classes for those who don’t have time for the full hour. You don’t need any equipment besides a mat and it’s all low impact, but trust me you are going to feel a serious burn (yet feel very graceful doing it). They also offer free livestream classes via Instagram on Saturday mornings if you want to try it out—you may see me there!

5. A hair mist that basically does it all (and smells good doing it) 

In Common Magic Myst Universal Elixir, $35

When Nina Dobrev told Women’s Health that In Common’s Magic Myst makes her hair dry in perfect beachy waves every time, I knew I had to try it. To be honest, I keep forgetting to spray it in my hair post-shower, but I’ve been using it when my hair is already dry to tame flyaways, help with detangling, or just provide a refresh when I don’t want to fully wet my hair. It sort of works as a one product for everything type of deal, plus it smells super bomb and comes in a sleek black bottle. 

6. A mobile app that helps you monetize your following in a non-pervy way

Download Salut

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we’ve all dealt with financial concerns during this unprecedented time. Even if you’ve been lucky to hold a job through this all, there were probably times when you wondered if you should have a Plan B or start saving more in case shit hits the fan. Between March 6 and 17, there was a 75% increase in people signing up for OnlyFans, and you can probably guess why. But, there’s no pretending that OnlyFans isn’t associated with sex work, even though artists like Cardi B are signing up to showcase BTS footage rather than sexy selfies. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sex work, you may prefer to monetize your following with a platform that’s not synonymous with fap-material, which is where Salut comes in. 

Salut is sort of like a blend between OnlyFans and Telegram. It allows you to monetize your audience in multiple ways (pay-per-post, tips, donations, and subscriptions), but it’s formatted more like a chat app. You could totally use it to make money on seductive photos, but you could also use it as a way to chat with your followers more intimately in a way that makes it worth your time. It’s also an easy way to sell consultations, exclusive BTS content, or whatever else your audience is into. 

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