Laquan Smith’s NYFW shows have aged over the years like fine ass wine

I have been to many Laquan Smith shows during New York Fashion Week, and I remember each one vividly. Laquan’s shows have grown from small and intimate gatherings to large and industry level events.

The consistent theme? They are always electrifying.

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Being at a Laquan Smith show is kind of like scrolling through the #blackgirlmagic tag on Instagram IRL. The amount of beauty, grace, and pure regal-ness of the clothes and models – it’s no wonder most of your faves chose Laquan’s designs when outfitting their milestone moments (think Beyonce OTRII opening outfit).

I was expecting no less from his NYFW collection. When I got to my seat, I was floored by the amount of black excellence in the room: Ty Tyrone, Karrueche Tran, Ming Lee Simmons, Kelly Rowland, Lala Vazquez, Shaun D. Ross, Claire Summers, Miss Jay, the Clermont Twins, and so many more.

But there was something different about this particular show than the ones in the past. The energy was different.

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I replay all his previous shows in my head, to the drum of Miss Kitten’s Frank “Sinatra,” which is helping to both soothe and heighten the anticipation while we wait for the start of the show.

It isn’t that the guestlist has tripled in size, or that the models include renowned names like Winnie Harlow and Duckie Thot, or that his current collaboration with ASOS is a testament to the brand’s semi-mainstream-semi-attainable appeal.

For the SS19 collection, Laquan’s message of empowerment rose above the divisive noise of current affairs. If fashion could express something about the times we are living in, Laquan’s collection says we are beautiful and more importantly we are all “VIP friends,” a la Miss Kitten.

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Every piece was a reminder of that, and the collection included bold shapes, serene fabric,s and vibrant colors to help further drift us into this world of strengthened beauty, empowering grace, and seizing flair. My favorite looks included the fabrics that paid homage to vintage female criminals – a subtler way of evoking danger which balanced perfectly with the lingerie pieces (#freethenip anyone?).

The glitz and the glam has always been a touch point of Laquan’s but with his SS19 show, he incorporated some grits and relatability.

Perfect for the “on the run” metropolis men and women.

Laquan’s shows have glowed up, and his achievements as a designer over the years is something any young entrepreneur can take as a fabulous example of hard work, a great eye, and true talent.

Photos by Aurelie Delice

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