Miss Velvet Shares “Zumirez” Single +Video and Live Performance

Today, rising LA-based rocker and fashion maven Miss Velvet shares her brand new single Zumirez with an accompanying music video and live performance. The track displays a distinctly vintage sonic landscape with nods to the giants of the 1970s. Clips and teasers that have been shared on social media have already generated millions of views, making this her most anticipated release to date.  

As she wrote of the single: “Born and raised in the canyons of steel of New York City, ‘Zumirez’ is a primal musical calling and expression of a force within that guided me westward to the canyons of nature. ‘Zumirez’ is that silent but powerful voice inside that, when listened to at the right frequency and with an open heart and mind, brings you home.”

Earlier this year, Miss Velvet kicked off her new era with the release of another single entitled “Long Way Home,” which also came alongside an accompanying video. These two new tracks precede her forthcoming LP (out later this year) and follows the release of her most recent singles, “Lovin In The Afternoon” and “Born To Be Your Own Wild.” On her newest music and upcoming album, she worked with producer Esjay Jones.

Listen to “Zumirez,” out now via all DSPs, and stay tuned for more from Miss Velvet, coming soon.

Watch “Zumirez” here

Featured Interview:

Tell us about your musical journey
In some shape or form, music has always been the thread woven into my life since I was a small child.  It was my mom taking my sister and I to musicals, concerts, and opera in New York when we were kids or my father blasting a Tina Turner song first thing in the morning. I was in school choirs and shows, and attended for a better part of all my childhood summers the famed Interlochen Arts Academy, or “band camp,” as my sister and I referred to it. For a decade, I performed in the New York live music venue “grind” circuit. I got a big break 3 years ago when I was able to open for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic for two world tours. After the standstill of the pandemic, I moved out to California and had two babies back-to-back while continuing to work on new material. I have just finished a solo record album with Rock Producer Esjay Jones. And I am gearing up to now release the fourth single “Zumirez” from the LP Traveler.

Where did the name Miss Velvet originate from?
I was working on a solo project with Nick Littlemore from Empire of The Sun out in California and we started throwing around the idea of this character or alter Ego named Miss Velvet.

Photo by Chris Quinn

What makes a rock n roll chic?
Rock n roll, for me, is that expression I have deep inside that always feels like I can grow with it. My music and my fashion both shift and undergo experimentation as I evolve, yet I know that at the core, it always has an edge to it. To me, Rock n Roll always pushes the sonic boundaries and fashion pushes culture boundaries. Match made in heaven.

What can fans expect from this new record?
A distinctive vintage sonic landscape with nods to the giants of the 1970s, but yet current and in my style!

You’re making music with legends, how did that happen?

Father of Funk That is a really rad moment in my life.  My sister knew the booker at the time for BBKings in NYC and we found out that he was booking George Clinton and PFunk for the “Halloween FunkDown.” The booker was able to get my record (with my band Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf) to his management. And we had something in common too— I recorded the album at United Sounds studios in Detroit where George Clinton has made many records, and where also, Red Hot Chili Peppers had made a record with him. We were then called in for a blind audition that day of the show where they would listen to us at soundcheck. We jammed at soundcheck and, at first, we were supposed to go on super early when doors opened to a typically sparse crowd, but after someone in PFunk took a video of us during soundcheck (which was then showed immediately to George, still in his tour bus outside), they came back and said “okay, George will put you on at his time for a full sold-out house.” It was next level. What a night — what a moment. We were then called the next day to see if we wanted to play his next show and then after that we were asked to join his Mardi Gras tour, then a world tour, and another one. We ended up doing over 100 shows with George Clinton! He’s truly a legend and such a kind person. He gave me that real shot!

Photo by Chris Quinn

What is your favorite rock n roll song of all time?

That is like asking what child I love more-haha! One of my all-time favorites is Whole Lotta Love-led Zeppelin or Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones.

What lyric from your new record hits home?

“Traveler of Possibilities”

What is a rock n roll beauty ritual for you?
I just started to get into face serums! Totally in love with the texture and how it feels. 

What is next for you?
I’m in the process of writing another album with Producer Esjay Jones.

Photo by Chris Quinn

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