Miranda Kerr Was Just As Gorgeous At 13 As She Is Today

At 13 years old Miranda Kerr was declared the winner of the Dolly magazine modeling comp and that became the beginning of a career that would lead her to Victoria’s Secret and beyond. Miranda doesn’t actually seem that different now, same baby face, same cutesy disposition. But some of the quotes she gives to the magazine about friendship and her mother are just adorable. Check her out below and try not to go green with envy about how little Miranda Kerr seems to have aged since that time all those years ago.

“She’s a bit like Kate Moss because she’s tall but still petite. I really think she has what it takes to make it as a great model” Said Dolly writer Jane McCune

“My friends are still the most important thing in the world to me” Said 13 year-old Miranda

“My mum is unreal, she is absolutely my hero!”

“She’s a total sweetheart, definitely the kind of girl you would hang out with” Said Dolly of the 13 year old Kerr

“I am totally excited to fly to Sydney by myself. It is so different from my hometown [Gunnedah]”

They grow up so fast!

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