Miracle Watts Turned Her Instagram Fame Into a Faux Lash Empire

Miracle Watts is the 23-year-old Instagram sensation with over a million followers and two businesses under her belt. Miracle is from Houston, Texas, and a few years ago became an overnight sensation on Instagram.

Not content to rest on her popularity, she turned herself into an entrepreneur. If you’re a young adult looking to grow your brand or become a social media influencer and entrepreneur, check out our interview below:

What made you join the modeling industry?

I’ve always been into beauty and taking pictures, eventually I just created popularity doing something I loved.

When did you decide to go in business for yourself and why?

I started my first company “The Miracle Lash,” which is a luxury false eyelash company in January of 2015 after I reached over a million followers. Once it dawned on me that I had so many supporters, I figured why not find a way to monetize from my platform.

What advice do you have for young women looking to start their own business?

It’s not hard to start a business, but it takes a focused person to keep a business. Make sure when you start a company it’s something that you really enjoy because it takes a lot of your time and dedication to run a successful business.

What made you start your cosmetic line “The Miracle Lash” and your hair line “The Miracle Tresses” and how long did it take you to start it?

I wanted to stick within beauty because it’s something that I love. I would get so many compliments about my hair and makeup, I knew people would trust my product. I thought about hair and lashes at the same time, but I decided to go with lashes first because it was the simplest. The lash company took like about four months to open, the hair on the other end has taken me a bit over a year.

The hair is a bit more tricky, because I strongly believe in great quality! I spent thousands of dollars buying samples to make sure that I could provide best of the best. Just recently I took a trip to India, where I was finally able to find a product that I was secure about adding to the brand, so I’ll be releasing it Oct. 15, 2016, and I’m soooo excited about it!

What made you become involved with the beauty industry?

Well I’m girly, so the day my mother didn’t get upset about me wearing makeup I WAS GONE FOREVERRRR! Lol

Were you always in shape? What are some things you do to stay in shape?

I was in shape for the most part, I was a cheerleader in high-school and played other sports here and there. In my adult life I work out much more. I try 4 to 5 days a week on a bad week I’ll go 2 to 3. My problem is food, I have to work on my eating habits.

 What advice do you have for women looking to become social media influencers?

Consistency is key when it comes to keeping relevancy and remember to be yourself.

What has been the most challenging thing about being your own boss?

For me the most challenging thing is trying to maintain and business a still live and enjoy my life. A lot of times I get caught up in business and forget to live, and others I get caught up in living. Find a balance!

Why do you think you grew in popularity so quickly?

I don’t really know why it grew so quickly, because there are a billion beautiful girls. I’m just blessed that it did.

What are your favorite high end and drug store products?

My favorite high end products are MAC face and body products and Becca foundation, (I can’t decide which I like better just yet), Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter and MAC Matte lipsticks. My favorite drug store products are Maybelline Falsies Volume Mascara and Maybelline Infallible Foundation.

Who is someone in the beauty industry you have always admired or looked up to and why?

I don’t have a specific person, but I love watching random YouTube tutorials! I can watch tutorials ALLLL DAYYY LONG. Lol

What is something you want your supporters to know about you that they may not already know?

When I was younger I wanted to be so many outrages things, but I really wanted to be a rapper but my skills are little to none. lol

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Well in about five years, I’ll hope have a multimillion dollar company and a family.

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