Millennial pink is still going to be huge next year according to swimwear designers

Trends come and go, and before they go away completely, they become basic first.

We recently saw it happen with chokers (which we still love, BTW), and saw it happen with Uggs in the good old days.

But when is millennial pink going to run it’s course? It was the color of the year in 2016, and it seems to have only gotten bigger in 2017, popping up everywhere from on Rihanna’s shoe designs to every new brand’s logo. It’s also made it’s way onto a zillion swimsuits this summer, and according to the designers who presented their 2018 collections at Funkshion Swim Week in Miami, it’s not going anywhere.


Beach Bunny


Lolli Swim

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Some designers, like Beach Bunny and Lolli Swim, made the baby pink hue a staple in their collection – even adding in sugary sweet millennial pink accessories like cotton candy or plastic milkshakes. Other designers, like Luli Fama and Agua Bendita, chose to show one millennial pink statement piece. But no matter how designers chose to incorporate millennial pink, there’s no doubt that we saw a ton of it throughout the shows.

Luli Fama


Agua Bendita

The good news? The millennial pink bikini you bought this summer is still going to be cool next summer. The bad news? You’re definitely not going to the be the only one wearing millennial pink next summer.

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Montce Swim


Liliana Montoya

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