Miley Signed On To Do Another Season of ‘The Voice’

Well, we have a little update about Miley Cyrus and “The Voice.”

The good news is that today Miley Cyrus confirmed that she will be coming back for another season of show, but the bad news is that we have to get through another season with Gwen Stefani first.

Yessss!!! Im returning to @nbcthevoice next Fall as a coach for season 13 ✌️️ #TeamMiley #TheVoice

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Confused as to how this could possibly be true?

As a longtime “Voice” fan, let me break it down for you.

Maybe you weren’t aware, but “The Voice” has an unofficial rule about only having one blonde female judge on the show at any given time. First, there was Christina, then there was Shakira, next Gwen Stefani got added to the mix, and now Miley’s a part of the family too.

Starting with Shakira, “The Voice” also adapted a second unofficial role: booking their token blonde coaches on an every other year basis.

Shakira was the host on seasons 4 and 5, Gwen was originally booked for seasons 7 and 9 and Miley fits this pattern to, as she’ll be a coach in seasons 11 and 13.

While it’s anybody’s guess why this rule exists, we would like to guess that Christina Aguilera wrote into her contract to give her the option of coming back to the show every other season if she wants to.

Enjoy the rest of Miley’s season while you can, because unless Gwen and her embarrassing faux cowboy boyfriend break up, we’re all gonna have to endure a lot of awkward flirting.

Guess there always has to be one reality show that you have to drink to get through, right?

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