Gwen Stefani’s BF Allegedly Has a Fear of Showing His Nips In Public

In the strangest news story we’ve heard today, Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend, Blake Shelton, allegedly has a fear of showing his nipples in public. And his stomach. And his shoulders. And really any part of his body that isn’t normally covered by a shirt.

Earlier this week, pictures of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani hanging out in a pool made their way around the Internet, and if you look closely, you’ll realize that there’s something a little off about them.

See Gwen Stefani? See how she’s in a bikini, like a normal person?

See Blake? See how he’s fully dressed, like a self-conscious teenager?

Now today, a source close to Shelton is saying that this is just how it is with Blake.

“He always keeps his dressing room closed. At photo shoots, he will not change on set. He goes back to his dressing room whenever he needs to take his clothes off,” informs the source, adding that “he’s not in bad shape,” he’s just “so sensitive about his weight. You will never see him shirtless.”

It probably doesn’t help that his new girlfriend is super hot and so was her ex-husband.

While Blake has yet to confirm this embarrassing story about himself, it wouldn’t be the first time Blake’s made it clear that he’s more than a little sensitive about his body. Earlier this year he told People, “If you get dressed up the right way, it should be fitted. But when things are fitted to me, it’s hard for me to disguise man boobs and gut and all that stuff, so it’s all sticking out.”

While unlike Taylor Swift, this means Gwen will never have the pleasure of watching her boyfriend appear in his own Armani ad or strip down to his boxers for a magazine, on the plus side, it probably means he’s less likely to cheat on her.

After all, if Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend is too nervous to take off his shirt in a pool, there’s probably no chance in hell that he’d ever take it off to screw some nanny rando who could easily take a picture of him while he’s sleeping.

Or, strike that, he’d probably just keep his shirt on like a weirdo.

Fingers crossed he’s not doing that with Gwen already.

After being cheated on, she deserves a lot better than that, you feel?

[H/T Page Six]

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