Here’s Miley Cyrus Re-Watching Her Hannah Montana Audition

Whenever celebrities decide to get off their vacation-going, selfie-taking, social media hiatus-ing butts and promote something, we get pelted with a flurry of attention-grabbing sound bites and stunts engineered to make us go from calmly sitting in front of a laptop to being shooketh real quick.

Let’s take Miley Cyrus for an example.

Yesterday she released her first single in years that wasn’t fueled by excessive drug use and a need to rebel against the system. One of her press stops was Radio Disney, where she got surprised with a video of her first audition for Hannah Montana.

Obviously she’s pandering to her long-term fans who have been patiently awaiting her return to normalcy – the same fans Miley’s really counting on to like her new album. But honestly, everybody loves watching audition tapes, so really this is a gift all Miley fans can appreciate.

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“You’re all going to freak out,” Miley remarked as the video started to play, adding that in the video she can’t believe she was bold enough at the time to wear a T-shirt that said, “I should have my own TV show.”

The video shows that baby Miley was just as precocious as adult Miley, although it’s hard to glean that much from the video unless you watch it multiple times because they’re watching her audition on a teeny tiny iPad that everybody in the studio was talking over.

Not that Miley seems to mind. She can’t help but describe the viewing experience with a whole bunch of positive adjectives.

That is so funny. That is crazy. That is a jewel. That is a gem,” Miley gushes.

Still, though watching the video may be slightly disappointing to some Miley fans, it is undeniably cute – just like her new single “Malibu.”

Aren’t the parallels of marketing fun?

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