Meet Trevor Barrett, TikTok’s Multi-faceted Beauty Creator

Today we are spotlighting one of TikTok’s most preeminent beauty creators Trevor Barrett. He has amassed a following of 790k and 10.7M Likes (and counting). His artistry is emblematic of all the things we love here at Galore; a bold, fierce and non-conventional persona that radiates glamour, authenticity and a unique sense of beauty and fashion.

His transformation tutorials have quickly become a standout amongst his peers on the Gen-Z app. He even has an effortless summer make-up tutorial on YouTube for Maybelline. We definitely would sign up for any Master Class in the near future! We sat down with Trevor and discussed how he got his start as a beauty creator and advice for others who are looking to thrive online. 

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At what age were you interested in Makeup

I first became interested in makeup in middle school around the age of 12. Heavily inspired by watching my mother get ready and transform her look. 

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Creative, thoughtful, gentle, determined, & empathetic.

How did you start your journey on TikTok?

I started my journey on Tik Tok about two years ago after seeing more and more of my peers, and other creators begin to use the platform. 

Initially hesitant, I reposted my Instagram content but then learned to adapt and changed my content to fit the style of the new platform. Focusing more on makeup education and talk through content and livestreams. 

What advice would you give to anyone trying to become a content creator?

Don’t lose yourself trying to keep up with trends or competition. Maintain your own personal style and the right community will find you. 

Describe a pinch me moment that has happened due to your success as a creator.

I was hired to be a part of an expansive commercial campaign with Facebook, giving me the opportunity to show off my makeup work and tutorials to a wide range of people. 

Dream brand that you want to collaborate with?

I would absolutely love to collaborate with Haus Labs or Dose of Colors. Both are amazing brands with fantastic product formulas, messaging, and overall style. 

What beauty trends do you see for summer 2022?

I see an increase in natural/glowy makeup and clean lines. I feel we are turning more toward cream products and radiant finishes and away from heavy matte powders.

 Highlighter and blush being mixed with under eye concealer is already taking off as new ways to achieve that look. 

What can your audience expect from you in the near future?

I have some incredibly exciting collaborative projects on the way, as well as always new and exciting looks/tutorials to teach you how to create and own your personal look. 

What has been one thing that you would say has contributed to your success on social media? (You have a high following on both TikTok and instagram)

Dedication to consistent posting and connecting with my followers above all else. Personal connection and interaction with your viewers is not only the most valuable thing you can do as a creator, but also such a unique honor and opportunity we have to inspire and connect with people. 

Connect with Trevor Barrett on Instagram & TikTok

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