maryjo Unleashes Emotional Power in New Single ‘Should Be Us’

Powerhouse singer maryjo is showing the world she is stronger than ever with her unique ability to effortlessly transition from full-throated belting to a delicate and fragile delivery, inflected with cracks that set her apart as an artist. 

“Should Be Us” is maryjo’s latest single, where she showcases her signature stylish vocals and breathtaking melodies. The track is a perfect example of a pop song done right. Mixing acoustic elements with radio pop we’re treated to a heartbreaking ballad where maryjo lets her inner feelings out for everyone to see. With top-notch production and exquisite rhythm complementing her fierce voice, she is reaching the highs of artists such as Adele, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. She is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of pop music.

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With every song I sing, I try to think about every single angle that people could hear it from and all the ways they could possibly connect to it. I’m already getting my therapy from the whole process of writing and recording, so I want to make sure that I’m giving people something that helps them tap into their own emotions and makes them feel better about whatever they’re going through.

Despite initial reservations, she managed to overcome her fear of singing in front of others through the power of social media. The 22-year-old artist faced her initial shyness by sharing videos of her performances online. This allowed her to connect with her audience and gain the confidence she needed to take her talent to the next level. Currently, she has more than 1.3 million followers on TikTok alone, garnering over 27.5 million likes, a very impressive amount in a short period of time. 

In 2021,  maryjo’s journey in the music industry reached new heights when she became a contestant on Season 19 of the landmark singing competition series, American Idol. Her mesmerizing performances quickly made her a public favorite. Throughout the season, she displayed her versatility, delivering remarkable renditions of songs by artists like Ed Sheeran, James Bay, and Tate McRae, among others. One particular highlight was her duet performance of “Foolish Games” with Jewel, which left audiences spellbound. She will now be rejoining very soon with the pop rock singer Knox on his sold-out “I’m So Good At Being Alone Tour.” 

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“Should Be Us” is a roller coaster of emotions. maryjo continues to delight audiences with her breathtaking emotional depth and musical artistry. By staying true to her instincts, she manages to convey raw emotion through her songs, giving us a glimpse into her soul. With the promise of more new music on the horizon, she remains steadfast in her goals, bound to capture the hearts of anyone who listens to her music, leaving a lasting impression on the spirits and minds of music fans around the world.

Photos by Omar Gomez

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