Mariah Has a Savage New Breakup Anthem Coming Out

If you haven’t been under rock this whole time, you’ve noticed Mariah Carey has been catching flack from trolls lately when it comes to her music. But she’s just released a breakup banger that will easily overshadow the hate.


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On last night’s season finale of Mariah’s World, MiMi debuted an emotion filled breakup song about her ex-fiancé, James Packer, titled “I Don’t.” Mariah is letting a few things off her chest. Taking a cue from Donell Jones’s “Where I Wanna Be” she sings, “Cause when you love someone/ You just don’t treat them bad/ You messed up all we had/ Probably think I’m coming back/ But I don’t, I don’t.”

She talked about the song on the show.

“Ever since the tour wrapped I took some time just to process my feelings,” she said, “and I started writing a song to express what I’ve been going through.”

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New breakup anthem? It just might be. She giving us the old Mariah Carey we all love and remember. Love her or not, you can’t deny a good song. I mean you can, but why would you? But wait, that’s not it! By the end of Sunday’s episode, Mariah flew off to Maui with her new man Bryan Tanaka, who’s 13 years younger. Do you, boo!

Full song will be available February 3rd.

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