Margot Robbie Plays Ice Hockey In Her Spare Time and Is Chiller Than You

Margot Robbie is a freak of human nature.

She gets handsome men to fix her wardrobe malfunctions, she relaxes after a hard day at work with a shower beer, and oh yeah, she also plays ice hockey in her spare time.

Seriously, figure out where your boyfriend is right now and lock him up.

While this seems like a super random thing for Margot Robbie to have brought up in an interview, it’s surprisingly not.

Margot’s about to star in a movie about Tonya Harding, a once famous ice skater who famously plotted with her ex-husband and bodyguard to break the legs of another ice skater so that there’d be nothing stopping her from winning Olympic gold, which makes Tonya Harding a LEGENDARY psycho. 

“I’d always wanted to play when I was a kid, but I grew up in the gold Coast, which is a super tropical place in Australia, and there was no ice hockey so I played field hockey instead. Then when I moved to America, I joined a league,” Robbie told W Magazine. “I love it; it’s wicked fun. But as soon as I’m contracted to a job, I can’t play anymore because for insurance purposes, you can’t skate.”



I’d say Margot Robbie needs to chill, but if she got any chiller there’s a chance she might accidentally bring on the Ice Age.

On the one hand, that would solve our imminent problem of having to deal with four years of a Trump Presidency, but seeing as it would also kill us all, we’re gonna just go ahead and give that idea a hard pass.

[H/T W]

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