Boss B*tch Margot Robbie Makes Handsome Guy Fix Her Dress

Yesterday, Margot Robbie achieved a pinnacle of success, loosely referred to as “bosshood.”

Allow me to explain.

At the London premiere of Robbie’s new movie most of you probably have zero intention of seeing, The Legend of Tarzan, she decided to wear a stunning cream and black patterned Miu Miu dress with a high slit, an open back and sheer paneling.

Spoiler alert: she looked amazing.

But then, something unfortunate happened.

Her dress came undone, leaving her inches away from a SERIOUS wardrobe malfunction.

But instead of freaking the fuck out about it, or shyly clutching her breasts as she demurely walked off the red carpet, Margot Robbie simply nodded* at her handsome co-star, Alexander Skarsgard, and he immediately appeared behind her to button her back up.

Seriously, from now on, whenever anybody asks me the standard icebreaker question, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?,” I’m answering: the power to make hot guys do my bidding.


Just goals.

[H/T US]

*Full discretion, we can’t be positive this is how it went down, but isn’t it beautiful to imagine?

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