You Eat Hundreds More Calories When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

We all know that staying up late tends to result in a 2 a.m. pizza run or ice cream binge, but did you know that a late night can also make you overeat the next day?

But overeat by how much? Well, according to a new study, not getting enough hours of sleep can make you eat on average an extra 385 calories.

The study found that those who had under 5.5 hours of sleep ate on average 385 extra calories the next day than their peers who slept for longer.

385 calories isn’t huge, but if you’re consistently staying up late and going to work the next day on five hours of sleep, it can definitely add up. Plus, the study also found that the sleep-deprived peeps were reaching for foods that are high in fat rather than protein.

It sounds weird that your sleep can affect what you eat, but it’s really not that crazy. I mean, think about the times you stayed up late studying for your final and “rewarded” yourself with junk food the next day. Also, if you’re staying up late you’re probably not making time to cook your own food, leading you to eat out, which is almost always less healthy than a home-cooked meal.

There are so many benefits to getting an adequate amount of sleep, and the fact that it could lead to weight loss or healthier habits is just another bonus. Put down your laptop and save the next episode of “Stranger Things” for tomorrow, leave your phone on your desk instead of under your pillow. Start establishing a “bed time” as if you’re a kid again. Trust me, your body will thank you.

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