Maisy Kay releases her new single “First Time”, talks touring, new music & what’s next for Pop’s newest act

Singer and songwriter, Maisy Kay, is busier than ever, she’s just released her newest single “First time” and is gearing up for a 20-city tour supporting JVKE’s “What tour feels like” US leg tour. We’re so excited to chat with Maisy on her music, beauty and what can fans expect from her music to be released later this year. Get your tickets to see Maisy and JVKE here!

Featured Interview:

Tell us about the concept behind your new single “First Time

I went into First Time wanting to write something that captured the bittersweet nostalgia of a first love. You know you’ll never be together again, and yet you’ve both shared something irreplaceable with each other, with so many firsts that can’t be redone. That person will always hold a prominent spot in your life, and there’s something sad yet beautiful about that.

Who are your SHEROES of music?

I love Taylor Swift for unapologetically writing about love and loss, Adele for literally getting me through my teenage years, and Lizzo for being an absolute badass and empowering women.

Photographed by: Shervin Lainez

Who would be an ideal musical collaboration for you?

I would love to work with Lewis Capaldi, I think he writes so beautifully and I’m a sucker for a heartfelt song.

Tell us about your journey getting signed

We had actually pitched me out to a few different labels in the midst of covid, and had some interest, but we wanted to wait until we got a deal that ensured I still had creative control of the sort of music I’d make and the sort of person I’d be presenting myself as. Eventually we signed with BMG, and they’ve been nothing but supportive!

What are your thoughts on AI in music?

I think it can be entertaining, I’ve definitely listened to Plankton from SpongeBob sing a number of Pop Records and that’s been a blast, but in terms of using it as a serious tool, I do think there’s something beautiful about a true live vocalist that just can’t be replicated by an AI. I absolutely love hearing the emotion of a vocal performance, I think it’s one of the best parts about being human.

What lyrics from First Time hits home the hardest?

“Living in a fantasy, but everything is gold when you’re nineteen.”
This song is very personal for me, and I think when you’re that age you definitely are seeing love through rose colored glasses. Looking back on it as an adult, you notice the cracks and the flaws that you couldn’t see at the time, but in the moment, you were young and naive and the world was golden.

Your are going on tour with JVKE what is your beauty ritual on tour?

I am a sucker for a cat eye and half of a false lash strip, so those will definitely be a staple in my performance looks. I’m going to try to condense my skincare routine so it can fit inside the tour bus, and we might have to incorporate some glitter eyeshadow into the mix for extra dramatic effect.

We are excited to hear the new ep coming in November what the meaning behind the title Metamorphosis?

I raise butterflies in my personal life, and butterflies play a huge part in who I am, from the way I dress and accessorize, to the furniture in my home. This EP is coming out at a time where I feel most confident and secure in myself as an artist, and it symbolizes the beginning of a new era for me, professionally and also personally. Metamorphosis means when a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, reborn and resplendent, and that is truly what I feel like I’m doing with this body of work.

Photographed by: Shervin Lainez

How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my style of music as whimsical ethereal pop. I’ve been trying to lean further into the nerdier forest elf side of my personality in my artistic life, and I think we’re definitely in the right direction.

What is next for you this year on your journey to stardom?

I have my EP coming out later this year which I am super excited for, I also have a couple collaborations in the works which I can’t wait to announce, and I’m eager to see what else the future holds after tour!

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