Madeline Lauer Turns Ghosting to Gold in “Come Around”

Madeline Lauer is a soulful brunette babe with dreamy vocals and lovesick lyrics. Her IG features ample feminist art, her understated cool-girl style, and dope pics of Grace Jones.  Today she exclusively drops her new video “Come Around” with Galore. Read on as Madeline discusses her experience loving someone that wouldn’t stick around and how she turned it into her latest track.

So tell us about “Come Around”!

“Come Around” is essentially about someone I wanted, but couldn’t fully have. He would tease a monogamous relationship by spending so much intimate time with me but then suddenly disappear for weeks. I say in the song “when you come [back] around, are you still mine?” In the video, I really wanted to portray the intense connection I felt between us. I hired an actor to play him, and when the director called “action,” we tried to hold nothing back. I showed my friends the final cut of the video and they all said, “It looks like you two are really in love.” I was so happy I achieved what looks like a real intense chemistry.

Where are you from? How do you think that has influenced your sound and vision as an artist?

I grew up in a suburb right outside of Columbus, Ohio, called Dublin. Growing up, my father listened to a lot of James Taylor and The Beatles. He would sing their songs to us practically every night before bed. I think constantly having those types of catchy melodies flooding our house surely influenced my love for pop music as a pre-teen. As I got older my musical palette changed into a slightly more soulful one but the melodies I write tend to imitate those popular tunes.

What kind of topics do you cover in your music? 

I learned in my teen years that I fall hard for people. I am always the first to say “I love you” and I am highly affectionate. In order to control my excitements, I started writing them down freehand-style in a journal so they could get out of my head. I revisit those journal entries when approaching new songs. I also write about the changes I am constantly going through while becoming who I want to be. In such a politically messed up industry like this one, a young woman can find herself grasping for her morals while trying to get ahead.

We love your IG. What’s your statement behind posting female nudity?

It is out of pure appreciation. To me, a woman’s body is the most sacred and imperative vessel on the planet. What it is able to achieve and the strength it can endure is mind blowing to me. I don’t know why more women aren’t celebrating other women’s bodies the way that I do.

What artists would you love to collaborate with?

Miguel, Schoolboy Q, and Anderson .Paak are my top three right now.

Any beauty products or tips you’re living for?

I love this question because I’m obsessed with finding and trying new beauty products and recommending them to my friends. Kylie Lip Kits are a new obsession for sure. I can eat a cheeseburger without it coming off. I also love the brand Glossier. However, my favorite beauty tip that I swear by is castor oil. I put a quarter sized amount in my shampoo every time I wash, and I promise my hair has never been longer, shinier, or stronger in my life. Just try it and see for yourself.

Style icons?

Cher, Marilyn Monroe, and Rihanna.

Want more Madeline? Check her website, Instagram, & Twitter.

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