This young, hot actor in Hollywood is the next big thing – and it’s time everyone knew it. From Euphoria to White Lotus, Lukas Gage has some heavy hitting projects under his belt and he’s just getting started. If you ever wanted to know more about the Cali native keep scrolling to learn all about Lukas and what’s up next for him.  

Feature Interview:

Where did you get your start and how did your role on White Lotus help catapult your career? Tell us about your journey as an actor.  

I got my start growing up in San Diego. I started out doing commercials and playing around with my video camera. I lived on a street where I made all the neighbors act in these shorts and I would write, direct, and edit them.  

When it comes to being a part of White Lotus, it definitely provided more visibility and I’m so grateful that the world loved Mike White’s writing and directing as much as I do!  

Out of all the characters you have played in your career, which one hits closest to the real you? 

Probably White Lotus, I worked at hotels, in hospitality growing up by a beach, and partying with my bosses ha-ha.  

Tell us about your new film Roadhouse.   

Roadhouse is a new reimagining of the old film starring the incredible Patrick Swayze and now we have Jake Gyllenhaal taking over that role. It’s completely different. It’s just such a fun time it’s an action-packed wild ride both the filming of the movie and the final product of this movie!   

What should we know about your character Billy in roadhouse? 

Billy’s a bit of a throwback of a past bartender in the original movie, but a new take on it. He is taking under Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Dalton Elwood’s wings, and we watch him come into his own. 

What is your favorite film of all time? 

It’s a tie between Donnie Darko, Magnolia, and You Can Count On Me.  

What show are you currently binge watching? 

I just finished watching “The Traitors’ on Peacock. I’m obsessed with it, and I want to do a real-life traitors. I also just watched Micheal Tolkin and Brett Johnsons Escape at Dannemora – I am late to the game but love it. 

What is your skin care routine, and how do you keep those gorgeous blonde locks in place?  

My skin care routine is using Jan Marini products and going to a skin artisan to help with my acne. 

I don’t keep the locks in place, I let the mane free and don’t wash it more than twice a week. 

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self? 

Fail more, stop being a people pleaser, and nobody gives a shit more than you so chill out! Also wear sunscreen, you little shit! 

What would be your dream role to play and who would be your costar? 

I am really into film makers and doing any role they want right now! I am a huge fan of Alex Garland, Craig Mazin, and Emma Seligman.  

What’s your current favorite restaurant and bar in LA? 

My favorite restaurant would have to be Erewhon ha-ha that hot bar is all I eat, and my favorite bar is anywhere with pool!  

What fashion trend are you obsessed with right now?  

I love everything Hermes and Thom Browne are doing right now! 

What’s your favorite fragrance? 

Honestly, it’s constantly changing – but right now it’s Luna Rossa by Prada.  

What song is on repeat for you this month? 

Margaret by Lana Del Rey! 

What’s your zodiac sign and do you live up to the description of it? 

Gemini and unfortunately yes LOL.  

What’s a big red flag for you? 

love bombing! 

What is next for you in 2024 in Hollywood?  

Look out for “Smile 2” and “Companion” coming out soon 🙂 

Give us one piece of advice you want to leave all your fans.  

Move on through movement don’t stay stagnant. 


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