Lola Kristine’s Chapters Crafts a Journey of Love, Loss, & Self-Discovery

Just like a book invites travel through new immersive worlds of emotions, so does soulful artist Lola Kristine with the release of her riveting album, Chapters. The songstress, pianist, and songwriter from Laguna Beach, California, has taken an innovative approach to her music, releasing poignant chapters that harmoniously combine the genres of indie-pop, retro-soul, and Americana. In each introspective segment, Lola Kristine explores deep themes of self-discovery and redemption. With this album release, Lola Kristine continues to use her voice to inspire and uplift those on the intricate yet rewarding journey of healing. 

Every few songs on the album introduce new chapters, with chapter one titled “Rose-Colored Glasses.” Kicking off the album, songs in the opening chapter spotlight Lola Kristine’s search for love and stability. The tracks “California Cowboy” and “You and Me” speak to the relatable desire so many women hold for a fairytale love story and then poignantly contrast those wistful dreams of romance with the complexities of relationships in real life. Blending her warm and resonant vocals with her knack for storytelling, chapter one paints a vivid picture of love’s illusions and realities. 

Chapter two, “When Things Fall Apart,” pushes the album’s story forward into even heavier themes of grief and love. Romantic dreams come tumbling down in tracks like “Just Friends” and “Sheets.” However, the chapter doesn’t end bleakly, as the song “Wish You Love” features a message of forgiveness and acceptance. Letting her rich vocals and introspective lyrics lead the way in chapter two, Lola Kristine gives listeners insight into deeply personal emotions. 

Flipping the metaphorical page to chapter three, Into the Wood, Lola Kristine rises from the second chapter’s hurt. Songs like “Find Me in the Wilderness” and “Living for Myself” depict the artist reconnecting with her inner strength and resilience, boldly liberating her wild feminine soul. Raw authenticity drips off each chapter three track as Lolo Kristine confronts her inner demons and emerges with a formidable sense of courage. 

As the album reaches vibrant new heights, chapter four is aptly called A New Dance. In chapter four, Lola Kristine sets out on her journey of self-discovery, no longer shackled to the all-too-common crutch of seeking validation from others. The gifted artist celebrates her worth and reignites her desires through tracks like “Brighter” and “So Easy,” splashing the songs with newfound confidence and a message to find joy in finding love in your own time and on your terms. 

Chapter five, “Parasamgate,” closes the album by exploring spiritual growth and enlightenment. Reflecting on her journey from hardship to healing to transforming into a whole version of herself, songs like “Never Knew” and “The Other Side” are fitting final notes to the captivating story Lola Kristine concocts within the album. 

Listeners are in for a powerful ride as they dive into Chapters‘ ethereal melodies and profound lyrics. As Lola Kristine shares her album and soulful artistry with the world, she continues to inspire all to embrace life’s interconnectedness, love’s power, and the belief that redemption is always possible. 

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