Lindsay Lohan Just Reemerged on a French Fashion Magazine Cover

Lindsay Lohan is one of those people we’ve been rooting for all along. After all, she starred in some of our fave movies, from Mean Girls to The Parent Trap, and her acting skills were fab. Sure, she might like getting lit too much for her own good, but we all have those days, right?

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Now that Lindsay has ditched her Russian boo, she’s on to bigger and better things, like gracing the cover of French fashion magazine L’Officiel.


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Girl looks bomb in that whole “I woke up like this” way. We’re loving the freckles and the tousled hair that are reminiscent of the Yoko Ono vibe Kim Kardashian has been going for lately.

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After deleting all her Instagram photos not too long ago, we were slightly concerned about Lindsay. And frankly, we still are, considering that her first two Instagram photo depict her and the Turkish president, a pretty unchill guy who bears a ton of similarities to Donald Trump.

Then again, she did ask to meet with Putin that one time, so I guess we can’t be surprised.

Regardless of her very questionable political vibes, Lindsay looks lit.

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