Lindsay Lohan Says She Wishes She Had A British Twin Too, You Guys

The world fell in love with Lindsey Lohan in 1998 when she played a pair of mischievous, identical twins named Hallie and Annie who accidentally meet during a fencing match at summer camp, realize they were separated at birth, and then hatch a plan to try and get their parents back together.

Then, fame got the best of LiLo and while she’s doing okay now, she had a few shaky years when we all wished we could go back to the good ol’ days when she was running around a bridal shop with a fake British accent while a gorgeous, loving, and Botox-free mom watched approvingly.

Obviously, there are a lot of people out there who wish that they lived in a world where these kinds of shenanigans were possible for Lindsay, and it turns out Lilo is one of them.

There’s a popular meme online that reads, “I like to believe that somewhere out there the British Lindsay Lohan has managed to live a more stable life.” It’s been making the rounds for a few years. And yesterday, Lindsay tweeted a response to it.

While she didn’t directly address that “more stable life” part, Lindsay agreed that having a twin would be awesome, mostly because it would make her a lot more money. 

Gotta love a girl who’s after the bottom line. And this at least makes more sense than her Hillary endorsement!

Although somebody really has to teach Lindsay about you’re vs. your, you know, just in case she ever meets her British twin who’s living a more stable life. Grammar is just something British people are better at, right?

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