Librarian Bobs Are a Thing Now Whether We Like It or Not

While men have been searching for “sexy librarian” porn since before any of our parents got it on, I’m willing to bet that most girls don’t want to walk around looking like one.

And yet, the fashion world has other plans.

Unlike Kendall Jenner, librarian bobs have been strutting their way down numerous runways in Milan.

First, there was Moschino.

Then Prada followed suit.


And today even Versace sent a few girls down the runway looking like they’d just LOVE to explain the Dewey Decimal system to you.


While there’s certainly worse professions women could choose to emulate, let’s all take comfort in the fact that this is happening an ocean away.

Maybe unlike the clothes themselves, librarian bobs will stay in Milan, unable to resist the allure of gelato and all the aggressive but well-dressed hotties that stalk the streets now that they’ve been freed from their perpetually quiet home.

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