Lexy Panterra Talks Her New Track, Red Flags, & What’s Next

Lexy Panterra is no stranger to bad bitches, she nearly invented the genre (it’s a genre). But when the guy she was dating always had baddies around, Lexy got suspicious and had to face the facts and dump his ass. We talked to the Persian-American singer and dancer about her latest track, “Girls,” her upcoming EP, and what’s next for Virgin Lex (her alter-ego).

So your latest track is about a guy you dated who always had girls around him, is this a red flag for future dudes you’d consider dating? 

I think it’s totally normal and healthy to have friends, but not when they are messing around with said friends behind your back, ha! Especially if it was an established boundary beforehand. I come in to every relationship with open arms and a fresh slate.

Do you think your ex will recognize that the song is about him? 


Talk to us about your upcoming EP, what is the inspiration? 

We did it in four days with my female producer friend Jessy Covets. We went to Brooklyn for a showcase and it brought up some new memories that I kind of wanted to forget so I decided to therapy my way through these records and create some new memories for myself. The guy that I had to release was also from Brooklyn. 

We hear you have an album in the works – what can we expect? 

You can expect R&B, Rap, Pop, and some acoustic, you will definitely hear me singing way more of these records. I basically just run through my emotions to my relationships and these records. A couple of the records are also me finding my bad bitch energy to get over them!

We heard that there is a tour coming up? Tell us more about that!

I’m super excited! I am opening up for two acts starting July 13th and ending August 14th so I can’t wait to come to city near you and actually have an audience to sing to. I’ve been waiting since before the pandemic so I’ll put on a show!

What do you wish the world knew about Lexy Panterra that they may not know right now? 

That I actually have a singing voice, like a real singing voice! But I think they will find that out very soon. I’m more than just my body and my sex appeal. I’m a singer, dancer, songwriter, entrepreneur. I’m Lexy Panterra!

You grew up in a Persian family. How does that influence your music? Taste? What did your family give you that makes you, you? 

I’m definitely way more edgier than my Persian side! But I love Middle Eastern music and dancing from my culture so I kind of try to bring that to my real world life. I’m working on my Persian cooking skills too.

We know you are a target of the “successful female in Hollywood” stigma – women in the business who are good looking, confident in their sexuality and boss bitches don’t often get the credit they deserve in fact, they’re often times shamed for what they do. Does this affect you? Do you care anymore? Why do you think this is, and what do you do differently if anything at all? 

Everyone has an opinion so I honestly do not care anymore. I’ve made my mistakes but I’ve also learned from all my relationships and my mistakes. It’s made me who I am today and I am very proud to be where I am!  

What’s next for you (or Virgin Lex)? 

I’m taking over the world of course just like every other villain. If you have the Internet you will be seeing me, I’m not going anywhere! 

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