Lessons I Learned From My Best Friend’s Foursome

When it was time for my best friend (let’s call her Amelia) and I to head to college, I chose the LA route, and she chose the Santa Cruz one.

Over the past few years we’ve spent countless hours exchanging stories via Facetime. While my stories have been the more “typical” Los Angeles route (guess what I saw, guess who did what, etc.) hers have been… well… a little more experimental.

So when she Facetimed me to explain that she was transforming her room into a foursome dungeon, I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but I was intrigued.

She was just as nervous as she was excited. The details? Two guys, two girls. One of the guys she had been seeing for a while (let’s call him Jack), the other dude was his best friend, and the other girl was her close friend. They had the date set for next Saturday… and I had tons of questions.

I was like, “Wait? What? You don’t mind seeing Jack with another girl? You don’t think it’s weird that you’ll be hooking up with his best friend? You actually PLANNED a date? This is like something out of a movie. WHERE WILL YOUR ROOMMATES BE?”

Amelia explained, “Honestly. Yeah. This is kind of crazy in hindsight. But it’s something we’ve all been wanting to do for awhile, we’re single and the opportunity has presented itself.”


I shrugged and was like, “Well alright. I feel you. Okay. Let’s get to planning.”

The first order of business was for Amelia to drag the spare mattress into her bedroom (she didn’t want any freaky business happening on her actual bed). We decided next up on the planning agenda should be 1) playlist 2) drinks. She found a trance playlist on Spotify she decided to go with… easy enough. And for drinks? We unanimously voted for Tequila.

Fast forward to Saturday — They all arrived to Amelia’s around 9 p.m. Amelia thought her three roommates would be out… but all of them were home. Not only this — but one of them had an AUNT in town that was visiting. Total buzzkill. They debated putting off the foursome… but like, they were already there? And kind of tipsy? So it wasn’t really an option.

Amelia and her friend Jess started things off with some kissing. The guys were a little standoffish at first, kinda just sitting there touching themselves. Eventually Amelia leant over and started unbuckling their pants. Things were really about to get started… so she thought.

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The reality of the situation? Jack couldn’t get hard. Like, not at all. This guy was so damn nervous he was as limp as it gets. So what did they do? Well after a few minutes of trying to help him out, they realized it was hopeless, and basically carried on without him.

Amelia felt pretty bad, so she went with him to the bathroom for a few minutes to try and help him get it together. She said it was hard for like 15 seconds. The saddest part is Jack was the one with the foursome fantasy… and he totally fucked it up. Poor guy, he’ll regret this forever.

The highlight for Amelia was realizing how into Jess she was; she felt the most comfortable with her. It was her first time with a woman and, being a woman herself, she was able to gauge what she would be into much easier. Pre-foursome, when I asked her about girl-on-girl stuff, she didn’t think she’d be into it.

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Post-foursome she was like, “Well, when you have an open mind and heart, you just kinda vibe and go with it. And we definitely vibed the best together.”

This is the part of the conversation that really got me, it’s so true! In or out of the bedroom, this is pretty great advice. If we would all just chill out and have an open mind, we’d probably be able to get along a hell of a lot better. Plus, I bet a few extra orgasms would happen around the world. Not bad, right?

In case you were wondering, yes, everybody spent the night… and they all cuddled together. The next morning Amelia woke up first and went to go use the bathroom. Who does she run into? Her roommate… who was pissed.

“Are you serious?” she said. “You had an orgy while my AUNT WAS HERE???? We could totally hear you guys!”

Amelia apologized and then ran back to the bedroom to tell everybody. Would they all do it again? Absolutely.

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