Lauren Strange’s Tips for the Most Radical Halloween Ever

Singer Lauren Strange premiered her cover of “The Cranberries” tune “Zombie” last month with us, and while stalking her socials we found that she had a pretty major grasp on all things Halloween — including a super sick Halloween playlist with songs all the way from Alice Cooper to Rob Zombie.

Since Miss Strange seems to have the scaries on lock, we asked her what her tips would be to have pretty much the best Halloween ever. But beware, these aren’t your grandmother’s tips for making a great punch with floating plastic eye balls or the cutesy crafts you’ll see on Pinterest — thanks to Lauren, you’ll be the most hip and on-trend celebrator of Halloween like, ever.

Check out her tips below, take a listen to the radical playlist and then give Lauren a follow and let her know if that Zombie-tini is as delicious as it sounds!

Tell us about your epic Halloween playlist and what artists are included on there?

I’ve got a fun little mix for Halloween 2016 that includes everything from The Cramps (“I Was a Teenage Werewolf”) to Tegan & Sara (“Walking with a Ghost”). The Misfits are probably my favorite band to listen to during this time of year, so “Static Age” and “Skulls” are definitely two of my favorite songs on the playlist. I could also listen to David Bowie’s “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” on repeat because I’m a huge Bowie fan. This playlist is perfect for a party because it’s got a great variety of creepy tunes and even includes little interludes like the theme song from The Munsters!

What are your favorite Halloween movies to get into the spirit?

My favorite Halloween movie has to be “Children of the Corn.” It is SO terrifying. I also love “The Lost Boys” and the original “Halloween.” I think B horror movies like “Troll 2” or “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” are great for background at a party because they’re creepy but still help keep the mood light and fun.

Any good TV shows to get us in the Halloween vibe?

I really like “Stranger Things” and “Supernatural”. I also re-watch “Creepshow” every year; it’s a five-part anthology that Stephen King wrote based on the EC & DC horror comics of the 1950’s.

Any favorite halloween themed cocktails that you can recommend?

I saw a recipe for a “Zombitini” that I’ll have to try this year:

1 oz. Captain Morgan white rum

2 oz. Dekuyper Melon Liqueur

1 oz. 100% Pineapple Juice

0.5 oz. Sprite

Dash of Grenadine (garnish)

If you were to dress like a dead rock star, who would you pick, and how would you make a cool costume DIY-style?

I’ve made some great David Bowie costumes in years past, but this year I’d have to pick Prince. I’ve always sourced materials from thrift stores, eBay, and craft stores. For Prince, I think the most identifiable costume would be his character from “Purple Rain”. While finding a purple blazer on the cheap might be a challenge, you can get spray fabric paint from a craft store and use it to paint any blazer that royal purple color. The same goes for wigs in terms of getting the color you want, if you don’t want to dye or color your actual hair. You don’t have to spend a lot, you just have to get creative!

What kind of decorations would you make for a Halloween party? What would you carve into a pumpkin (or paint)?

I always decorate with tons of purple lights; we used to use them for shows with my band so I have quite a few. This year I’m planning to make some simple paper bats from thick black paper to hang from the ceiling and paint them with glow in the dark paint. I might do the same with some little ghosts, too. I’m terrible with knives, so I’m planning to paint a pumpkin this year. I’ve already decorated a small pumpkin with stickers to make it look like a cat!

What’s a good last minute Halloween costume for a last minute party you were invited to?

A last minute costume I did a few years ago was Kurt Cobain and my guy friend dressed as Courtney Love. It was super easy to do; I borrowed his clothes, he wore a dress of mine (and lipstick), and we both wore white sunglasses. We got tons of laughs at the party that we went to.

You covered The Cranberries’ “Zombie” recently, any tips on how to dress up like a good zombie?

The cover photo from my single is actually an edited version of a selfie I took in a mirror after a photoshoot we did where I had smeared my makeup down my face. I recommend doing this very carefully because I had mascara in my eyes for days afterwards which was no fun! A good waterproof black eye pencil is essential for costume makeup, and white eyeliner is also really useful because you can tint it any color with other products you might have on hand. Lipstick can be great for face makeup (I’ll use it as eyeshadow in a pinch) and it tends to stay on pretty well!

You can find Lauren’s cover of “Zombie” (and also her EP “Say Yes”) on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc.

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