It took only a few seconds to realize that Singer-songwriter and model Latte Samuels has become female ferocity incarnate with her silky-smooth vocals and bold, sensuous lyricism. She began her career as a model where she garnered recognition from the likes of Vogue, V magazine, Elle, and more. She brings the same confidence and poise from her stunning photoshoots into the recording studio, where she seems keen on making music that she can walk to the runways of the world.

Dying to bask in this Ener gy gy gy gy 

Feeling this aura surrounding me me me me 

Boy come here bask in this Energy gy gy gy gy 

An earnest and empowered female lyricist, Latte seductively blends live-wire Pop anthems with burning hot Caribbean influences reflecting her Jamaican background and Miami upbringing, and few songs could exemplify this ethos as her newest track does: ‘ENERGY’ is out now.

Check it out HERE

Samuels is using the exposure she gained through modeling to pursue her dreams of making waves in the music industry. She draws inspiration from the greats including Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, and Diana Ross, who, along with her Jamaican descent and Miami upbringing, has shaped her unique and sultry sound. 

‘ENERGY’ is the kind of song that should be considered archetypal to music, it is the quintessential self-esteem anthem. The song itself is this slow-burn seductive pop song with ethereal synth background and snappy drum beat influenced by Trap and Dancehall music in almost equal parts. The track has an introspective and peaceful “new-age” ethereal quality to it that also feels suited for moody lighting and intimate dancefloor moments, a unique blend that feels like a complete stroke of genius.

Fierce, unapologetic, and liberated, ‘ENERGY’ is an anthem for women who know they have that special something and never settle for less.  

This new song is Samuels’ first release in over two years, and it might as well be called “I’m a badass and I know it”. The single’s iconic cover comes from the mind of creative director Grace Scuitto who also did the photo shoot, where Samuels can be seen wearing Richard Quinn & Isa Boulder.


Photo Credits
Photographer and Creative Direction – Grace Scuitto
Make up by Dennese Rodriguez
Styling – Talia Bella & Latte

Body suit – Isa Boulder
Tights – Richard Quinn

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