Lance Bass And Joey Fatone Just Did ‘I Want it That Way’ Better Than the Backstreet Boys

Did you know that Lance Bass and Joey Fatone are still hanging out?

Even better, did you know that Lance Bass is a minor gay celebrity now and is currently hosting his own seven-day cruise called Dirty Pop at Sea where he does things like sing Backstreet Boys karaoke with his BFF because it’s so wrong it’s right? 

The two former NSYNC bandmates decided to treat their cruising fans to a once-in-a-lifetime performance of the 1999 hit BSB song “I Want It That Way,” which never would have been possible in 1999 because back then the two bands enjoyed a semi-intense rivalry. 

Why would these two groups who had so much in common feel a need to feud? As Nick Carter explained last year to Bustle, “I think that when Jive had signed them and when our managers sort of took them on we felt like it was a lack of appreciation for who we were at the time and what we offered them as well.”

Also NSYNC was better.

Now that the boys are grown men and have buried the hatchet and resolved to fight zombies together in an upcoming movie, what better to way for Lance and Joey to show the world they have nothing but love for BSB by belting out a classic on the high sea?

There were minor attempts at harmony, high notes that weren’t even attempted, and a Backstreet Boy dig that Joey just couldn’t resist slipping in at the end. 

Okay, well at least they’ve mostly buried the hatchet. Apparently just like zombies, the impulse to talk smack about your former rivals never dies.

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