Lana Del Rey Tweeted the Lyrics of Her New Leaked Track in 2009

LDR fans rejoice: we have yet another leaked track.

A new track from the elusive collection of unreleased songs from Lana Del Rey has leaked, and it turns out that Lana actually tweeted the lyrics from the song way back in 2009.

The new track is called “Super Movie” and it’s an early concept demo for another unreleased track of hers called “On Our Way.” The two songs share the lyrics, “Spin me ’round, kiss me in your Chevrolet. I love you more with each and every day.”

“Super Movie” was recorded in 2008, and while Lana sounds quite happy and optimistic toward the beginning, the track takes a turn when she says, “What happened to us me and you? I was funny once and you were funny too, One day we woke up and we found we had grew, And only I wasn’t me — I had come out blue.”

Talk about summertime sadness.

It might not be so much sadness as it is reminiscence, though. This track seems to be Lana’s siren song of nostalgia. A desperation for a time passed, Lana longing for her love who is no longer interested in her.

Many of Lana’s songs have been leaked over the years, giving us classics like “Serial Killer,” which she has performed at several of her live shows and “Queen of Disaster” which is another fan favorite.

And while we could sit here all day and listen to Lana croon over her past, we found something that is even more interesting. Lana’s old Twitter account, @MissDaytona, actually tweeted the opening lyrics from the song wayyy back in 2009!

Listen to the gorgeous song here:

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