Kehlani’s Ex Kyrie Irving Has ‘Nothing But Love’ For Her

Following Kehlani’s apparent suicide attempt earlier this week, her ex-boyfriend, Kyrie Irving, has spoken up in support of the singer.

Kyrie tweeted this morning that he and Kehlani “were not dating when the picture came out,” according to TMZ.

“Nothing but love and compassion over this way for her and her family,” he added. “My only focus the Game I love to play every night.”

He also threw shade at PartyNextDoor, saying, “I do not justify the picture or what dude did to try and spark all of this non sense that could have been avoided.” The tweets have since been deleted.

This should come as a relief to Kehlani, who’s been the subject of brutal online mockery, mostly from grown ass men who should be out living their lives instead of tweeting about gossip, over allegations that she cheated on the NBA star. It all started earlier this week, when Kehlani’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, the rapper PartyNextDoor, Instagrammed a photo that made it seem like they’d gotten back together.

Kehlani was thought to be dating Kyrie only a few weeks earlier. The male peanut gallery of Twitter and Instagram assumed this meant she was cheating on Kyrie, and they started sending incredibly nasty comments her way.

It all came to a head on Tuesday, when Kehlani posted on Instagram that she’d survived a suicide attempt. It’s being assumed by many that the harassment she faced online partially drove her to self harm.

But even after news of her suicide attempt broke, the online harassment didn’t stop. Chris Brown was among the men whose fragile and wounded egos led them to speak out about something that was none of their business, hurting Kehlani and tarnishing her name in the process.

Maybe now that Kyrie has spoken out in defense of Kehlani, the Twitter hive mind can chill the fuck out and mind their own business instead of continuing to stick their noses into the business of someone they don’t know. Of course that’s just wishful thinking — but at least next time people say “girls are catty,” can we all remember just how horrible the dudes of the internet have been to Kehlani?

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