Chris Brown Mocked Kehlani’s Suicide Attempt on Twitter

Chris Brown just released his annual reminder that he is the worst, right on schedule! This time around, he’s slut-shaming, mocking mental health issues, and minimizing a suicide attempt. Great.

The singer felt a need to weigh in on Kehlani’s recent suicide attempt. But instead of sending words of support to a fellow musician, he accused her of trying to get sympathy.

Brown is apparently friends with Kyrie Irving, the basketball player who people say Kehlani cheated on with rapper Party Next Door. No one knows whether or not Kehlani actually cheated. Probably because it’s none of our damn business. But people are assuming she did, and tons of grown ass men are piling on the hate on social media.

The online hate’s been going on for a few days, and Kehlani Instagrammed (in a since deleted post) about her suicide attempt following the intense online bullying yesterday. Not content to let all of the drama die down, Chris Brown decided to join the legions of assholes who are STILL tweeting garbage about Kehlani.

Men of the world: you know it’s possible to be a fan of Kyrie Irving without also commenting on his personal life, right?

Here are his tweets:

Oh, and if you still haven’t lost total faith in humanity, this bully and woman-beater also has a baby daughter. Yikes.

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