Kylie and Travis Scott got matching tiny tattoos

As famous young people, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott do things a little differently than the rest of world.

Like instead of literally saying out loud, “yeah, we’re officially dating,” they just got matching tattoos. Of teensy butterflies. On their lower legs.

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Continuing her tradition of getting tiny tattoos for her boyfriends, even though that practically guarantees your relationship is heading straight to splitsville, Kylie just got a teensy butterfly tattoo on her leg for Travis Scott.

Some people would have you believe she covered up the tattoo she got for Tyga with that tattoo she got for Travis, but if you look closely, you’ll see those tattoos are actually on completely different legs.

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Screenshot from Snapchat

And to prove he’s infinitely better than Tyga, who did not get a tattoo to prove his love to Kylie, Travis Scott got a teensy butterfly to match Kylie’s.


Screenshot from Snapchat

Because butterflies are kinda their thing, according to Stylecaster.

See, on May 16, Travis posted a super dark picture of Kylie getting off an airplane with the caption, “Butterfly Effect” followed by multiple butterfly emojis.


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Which got people thinking, maybe his song “Butterfly Effect” is actually about Kylie. After all, the song seemingly references a girl who’s “sweet as candy” and lives in the “Hidden Hills” neighborhood.

And this tattoo pretty much confirms it.

Butterflies are their love emoji and if they’re willing to get it permanently inked on their bodies, then their relationship must be kind of serious.

Good luck to them.

[H/T Stylecaster]

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