It looks like Kylie Jenner is the richest person in her family now

We’ve all heard the rumors about how much Kylie Jenner has made off of Kylie Cosmetics, and now it looks like Kylie has become the richest person in her family. 

Sorry, Kim.

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Dan Barker, a London-based e-commerce and retail expert did the math for the Observer and reported that “over the whole 18 months, Kylie Cosmetics has sold an average of one product per five seconds or less.”

Assuming her sales continue along at the same rate they’re going now, Kylie should be able to make $280 million off of Kylie Cosmetics this year. But as WWD points out, Kylie Cosmetics is “on track to see a 25 percent increase in sales this year,” which puts “sales projections for 2017 at $386 million.”

And WWD also reports that if Kylie’s company keeps growing at the same rate it has been, it’ll be a billion-dollar company by 2022, which the Observer points out would make her richer than Kim and Kanye combined.

You know, assuming that Kimye’s net worths don’t also skyrocket dramatically within the next five years, which is entirely possible.

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And while this news may seem like it’s coming out of the blue, Kylie’s rising fortunes have been well-documented over the past year.

In January, Forbes estimated that Kylie was “the second-highest annual earner overall in her family, after half-sister Kim Kardashian.”

In July, she became the only teen to make Forbes’ list of highest paid celebrities in the world. Kim Kardashian also made the list, but she only made an estimated $4.1 million more than Kylie.

And this month, Kris went on the record of saying Kylie Cosmetics sold $420 million worth of products since it first launched 18 months ago.

When you look at all the evidence, suddenly Kylie being the richest member of her family doesn’t seem like that crazy of an idea to wrap your head around.

Happy belated birthday, Kylie.

[H/T the Observer]

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