Happy Birthday, Kylie! Her 20 most-liked Instagram pics of the year

Today is Kylie Jenner’s 20th birthday, but it’s also my birthday. So instead of coming up with a subjective list like, “Kylie’s 20 best looks,” we’re doing something a little more concrete. Not that there’s anything wrong with lists like that, I’m just a nerd and it’s my day so I get to do what I want. Within reason.

Sorry not sorry about it. Don’t sue me.

Anyway, here are her 20 most liked photos from the last year, ranked in order from least liked to most liked.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t understand what’s going on in this photo. The wig says, “Hi, my name is Kylie and I’ll be auditioning for the role of as-of-yet-untitled superhero villain in the as-of-yet-untitled-but-sure-to-make-millions-of-dollars Marvel franchise,” but the rest of the outfit is rated C for Casual.

It goes without saying that Kylie looks great, my brain just has a hard time processing what’s going on here. But the mystery really sucks me in, and if I remember anything from art history class, that’s a very important quality for a photo to have.

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🔥 DOLL MATTE LIP .. launching in the new Koko Kollection Kit 5/31

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Aw, sexy sisterly love. How sweet!


All I want for Christmas is you .. ❄️

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RIP Kyga


sister date 👭

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Kendall and Kylie got a lot of press for eating pizza on the night this photo was taken, which has nothing to do with this picture getting so many likes, but information is power.



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OMG just look at this little QT!



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This is spon for Kendall and Kylie’s clothing line, but who cares because it’s a genuinely great picture of Kylie.

She looks likes goals, the bathing suit looks like goals, and if my bank account wasn’t almost empty right now, I’d probably be bold enough to put it in my shopping cart.

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This was a very controversial picture at the time. Partly because it was a picture of Kylie smoking something and partly because if you zoom in, you can see that it’s a hand-rolled something, which means it’s probably a marijuana cigarette.

Although TBH, a 19-year-old taking a picture of themselves smoking weed is hardly newsworthy. Let Kylie live, fam.


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This is a great example of how to do coordinating fashion without looking too matchy matchy.



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Giraffes have really weird tongues. Did you know that?


Again, what excellent spon con for her own company.


daddy’s day

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This picture features the same hairstyle from the last picture you saw.

It looks adorable on Kylie and clearly, people were really digging it.


Young Jenners

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Look at how happy they look! Kylie never smiles like this in photos!


annual bathroom selfie

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Kudos to Kylie for being the one to capture this on her phone. What a power move.


normal girls in a normal world

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Again, this is that same pigtail hairstyle.

Try it in your selfies and see if it gets you more likes.



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Wow. Her face really catches the light here.


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I really don’t like to use this phrase because it’s overused, but it’s my birthday, so let me just say: she did that.

Seriously, poster fairy, if you’re listening, I’d like one of these delivered to my doorstep by 5 pm. Please have it framed because those are expensive.


hello 🖤

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This is a very casual selfie with a very casual caption. Sometimes less is more.


Forbes 30 under 30 .. Thank you 🙌🏼

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G-l-a-m-o-r oh, you know the rest, let’s move on.


DropTwo available right now Kendall-Kylie.com @kendallandkylie

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Again, this is really just glorious spon. All the photos of Kendall and Kylie wearing this collection looked stunning.



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This picture could be a movie poster. I sense there’s a story here, and I want to know more.

Too bad I never will, but that’s life.

HBD Kylie.

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