Kylie Jenner Literally Looks Plastic on New Magazine Cover

People have made cracks about the Kardashians’ plastic surgery before, but the latest Kylie cover takes it one step further, because she literally looks like a Bratz doll. 

Remember when big sister Kim “broke the internet” with her PAPER cover? Kylie is following in her footsteps with an Instagram-inspired cover.

PAPER asked fans and followers to DM the magazine questions that they’d ask Kylie, and although the full feature hasn’t been released, Kylie will probably talk about fame, social media, and lip kits. Maybe PAPER will let a few questions about Tyga slide through, maybe not.

So far, the reactions have all been mainly rooted in fear.

“Shivers,” Elle said. Stylecaster called the cover “terrifying.”

On the issue, PAPER wrote, “Young creatives shaping culture guest edit a stacked collection of art, essays, photos and more; we meet the leaders of the new generation (aka the cool kids we all follow on Instagram); and hang out with the bands and singers whose music provides the soundtrack to our nights right now.”

The full story comes out April 12th.

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