Kylie Jenner Is Making a Lip Kit Music Video and It Looks Lit

We’ve all seen the photographic evidence that proves Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are basically twins, and recently Kylie has decided to follow in her sister’s footsteps by putting out her own music video.

Only instead of making a sincere attempt at being a pop star, Kylie’s just making a video to plug her already incredibly successful lip kits.

While we’re still days/weeks/months away from seeing the final product, thanks to The Daily Mail we have an idea of what to expect — and it’s both WTF and LOL. 

Here’s a picture of Kylie wearing a Louis Vuitton bandana paired with tight snakeskin leggings and a matching crop top while sitting on Tyga’s lap.


It’s unclear whether or not Tyga will make an appearance in the video, but our guess is he was just there on boyfriend duty.


And here’s a picture of Kylie sitting/driving in a Rolls Roye with her girls, making it rain because since all eight of her lip kits have sold out within minutes, bb girl has some dollars to burn. 


It goes without saying, but we really can’t wait to see how wonderfully weird this is when it comes out.

And speaking of weird, here’s Kim’s music video, you know, just for fun. 

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